Protesters seek completely new leadership at Chicago Ridge animal shelter

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  1. Tina Huddleston says:

    Thank you for reporting this.I am part of the reform group.We are very concerned for the animals in their care.
    People on the board are not qualified,one vet for clinic and strays is not enough.They have fired so many people also,their not capable of operating normal business hours because of it.Therefore dogs are being euthanized just to make space.Any big dog that winds up there gets put down for no reason.I could go on and on.We all need to come together to create change.These poor animals are suffering.Mr.Connolly,I met you at the protest and do appreciate you writing this.

  2. Reform AWL says:

    That entire board needs to be replaced. How could they allow Chris H who was Linda’s vice president step into the role- she and rest knew everything that was going on..and turned a blind eye to it. I’d be ashamed to call myself a board member if I didn’t stand up and try to fix what was happening there. There is more to the story why this board hasn’t budged. They dont want others involved or to find out what is really going on there. The fact that Estrada’s sons still work there is a huge red flag to all of this as well .

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