Jeff Vorva's Extra Point: It's a waiting game for Moraine stars

  • Written by Jeff Vorva



Food for thought for those who aren’t very hungry:

I figured that when I was going to talk to Moraine Valley Community College sophomore star players Erin Drynan and Michelle Borgen, they would tell me all about the colleges around the country that want to gobble them up.

I figured they would tell me they are receiving mountains of mail and recruiters from colleges across the country are kicking holes in their front doors to get a few minutes of face time.

I figured wrong.

Despite the fact that these two have been putting up monster numbers in scoring, rebounding and shot blocking for two year, they are not in high demand.

Or maybe they are.

But they are going to have to wait.

It’s getting close to March and the Cyclones’ Dynamic Duo are more concerned about getting their team to the nationals rather than dwell on colleges.

But, since I was nosy and pressed them on the college issue last Thursday, they both sounded a little frustrated about the present and optimistic about the coming months.

Borgen, who played hoops at Andrew High School, is crossing her fingers a spot in the NJCAA nationals will generate more interest.

“If we go to nationals, it will help us a lot,” Borgen said a few minutes after scoring 30 points against Waubonsee. “There are a handful of NAIA schools in the area I like. (Moraine) Coach (Delwyn) Jones said that if we go to nationals, since I’m 6-foot tall, that will help a lot.’’

Drynan, a Mother McAuley graduate from Evergreen Park, is philosophical. When asked if she was disappointed she hasn’t heard from many schools, she said: “No…yeah. I mean they will come when they come and whatever happens, happens. I’m putting myself out there.’’

Drynan, who hauled down a school-record 25 rebounds in a game at Elgin Community College on Valentine’s Day, said she sent film of herself to dozens of schools across the nation.

Jones has seen this before. He is not worried about his stars landing somewhere to play basketball.

“It’s actually not late at all,” Jones said. “In my 17 years, I only had one player sign before June 1. For high school, that’s very late. But the junior colleges are coming a little later.’’

While the players say they haven’t received much interest, Jones said some schools have sent out feelers to him about the pair.

“They are still getting some interest – Georgia Southern is interested in both of them but I’m not sure if they want to go to the same school,’’ the coach said. “Western Illinois still has some interest. UIC showed some lukewarm interest. Chicago State is real high on them. There are a number of NAIA schools showing interest – St. Francis, Indiana University Northwest, St. Xavier and there is some Division II interest, too.’’

So it’s a case of hurry up and wait.

The name game

I actually thought writer Jason Maholy was pulling a gag on me when, in his state wrestling story, he mentions a kid from Washington named Dack Punke.

I thought Maholy was full of baloney and was making a Daft Punk reference or was honoring C.M. Punk, whom Maholy worked with for a day or two before C.M. became a famous pro wrestler.

Being the good editor that I am, I looked it up and there is actually a Dack Punke and he’s pretty good. He’s heading to Missouri for his college career.

In girls gymnastics this weekend, a girl from Prairie Ridge named Nicki Baars was the all-around state champion but I was disappointed that she only took third in the uneven bars event. Shouldn’t someone named Baars own the bars?

Finally, I was at the Lockport swimming sectional, where the hosts have a diver named Wrigley Fields.

When the Cubs found out about his name in 2008, they let him throw out the first pitch before a game. His father, Jerry Fields, is obviously a Cubs fan.