Jeff Vorva's Extra Point: You think we have some wild scores? Well...

  • Written by Jeff Vorva



Each week, it seems like my eyes almost pop out of my head when I see St. Laurence ring up 70 points or Marist and its opponents go toe to toe in 45-28 and 49-42 shootouts.

We’ve had some wild games, to be sure, this season but this area isn’t alone in cornering the market in unbelievable scores.

In our own state, Rockford Lutheran beat Winnebago 49-6 on Sept. 18. That was known as the nailbiter out of its first four games.

The Crusaders opened the season with a 62-7 over Quincy Notre Dame. They followed it up with a 76-7 triumph over Rockford Christian.

Then on Sept. 11, the Crusaders allowed Dixon to rack up 28 points on them! They scored 95.

Meanwhile, they have this stud running back, James Robinson, who rushed for 202 yards in a little over two quarters against Winnebago. He stood 647 yards away from 8,477, which is the state record for career rushing yards set by Westville’s Caleb Pratt. Robinson already has the touchdown mark after scoring his 116th against Quincy.

Meanwhile in Pennsylvania on Sept. 11, DuBois scored 90 points in a game but couldn’t be accused of running the score up because it LOST by more than two touchdowns.

Visiting Meadville beat DuBois 107-90 and this wasn’t some 7-on-7 game. Meadville ran a Wing-T. Dubois ran a spread offense.

“I’ll tell you what, the fans that paid their $5 to come see this game certainly got their money’s worth,” Meadville coach Ray Collins told the Meadville Tribune. What you had was two very good offenses teeing up on each other. But neither team brought their defense.’’

DuBois sophomore quarterback Matt Miller threw for 785 yards – a national high school record --and 10 touchdowns.

It was also a long journey for Meadville running back Journey Brown who had 30 carries for 722 yards and 10 touchdowns but missed the national mark of 754 yafds. Two other Meadville backs ran for 91 or more yards.

The game lasted 3 ½ hours, which doesn’t seem all that long compared to some games that we’ve had here in the area. There were 1,827 yards of offense and unofficially 8,743 curse words from the defensive coordinators.

The wildest game I ever covered was the 2011 Class 5A state championship game in which Montini beat Joliet Catholic 70-45 in Champaign. Ty Isaac, who is now making big runs at Michigan, ran for 515 yards and six touchdowns in a losing effort.

The winning quarterback threw for 587 yards and his name is familiar around this area – current SXU quarterback John Rhode, who won back-to-back Offensive Player of the Week honors from the Mid-States Football Association.

That is one game I will never forget.

But its peanuts compared to some of the things going on in Rockford and DuBois.

Wouldn’t the first thing you do…?

You may have noticed a new name in our sports section covering football games.

Phil Arvia, an award-winning columnist and former sports editor of the Southtown-Star, will be on board working for us and it should be an interesting ride.

We have competed against each other in the past. We worked together in the past. We cussed each other and have hurled out some pretty hurtful insults in the past. And for a short time, he was actually my boss and I was hoping he didn’t remember some of the hurtful insults I had hurled at him.

Now I am his boss and the first thing he did after I gave him my cell phone number was send a hurtful text to me. And I laughed myself silly.

Anyway, one of the things he used to do as a know-it-all columnist was scold the hard-working beat writers with a “Wouldn’t the first thing you do…?’’ crack at us when he didn’t think we were doing our job. Whenever he got too wound up over something when he was a columnist – which was usually any day that ended in a “y,” I would tell him “Just have fun with it.’’

In 2011, he and Steve McMichael had their hands in writing “Amazing Tales from the Chicago Bears Sideline: A Collection of the Greatest Bears Stories Ever Told.’’  As of this writing, this amazing book ranked 652,978 on Amazon and there were some used copies available for 8 cents.

I’ll break character here for a second and say this: Arvia is perfect for what we are trying to do here. He will give you great insight on a game or team. He’s entertaining and offbeat and a hell of a writer. I am lucky to have him on my staff and I believe that our readers are lucky is on the staff.

Now I hope he listens to me and has fun with it…