EP's swim team's mighty 9/11 tribute

  • Written by Jeff Vorva



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 Bridget Donoghue, left, and Grace O’Toole of Evergreen Park get some lifting in during a tribute to 9/11 last Wednesday.

Pooped and proud.

That’s how some members of the Evergreen Park girls swimming and diving team felt last Wednesday felt after a morning workout.

It wasn’t just a typical workout.

It was a special – and very challenging – workout that coach Sarah Marshall put the 30 members of the program through.

The athletes did a Hero Workout of the Day in honor of Friday’s 14th anniversary of the 9/11 attack of the Twin Towers in New York, which caused major death and destruction.

Because the Mustangs were in between Thursday and Saturday meets on the actual anniversary, they couldn’t work out Friday. So they chose Wednesday.

Marshall, who is also a coach at Stone Age Crossfit, devised a program that featured a 2,001-meter run (the attacks happened in 2001), 11 box jumps, 11 thrusters at 45 pounds, 11 burpee pullups, 11 power cleans at 75 pounds (in memory of Flight No. 175) 55 reps of other lifts and exercises and one more 2,001-meter run. The session lasted more than an hour.

“I was pretty tired and I was pretty proud with what she accomplished,” senior captain Kali Pytel said. “We all got through it. We’re all pretty strong, I think. We wanted to do well and to stay motivated.’’

“I was dead tired,” senior captain McKenna Moran added. “I was really exhausted. Mostly my arms were hurting. But I was fine throughout the day. I’m used to rough mornings.’’

The swimmers don’t want to forget an event that they really don’t remember.

The senior captains have heard a lot about the attacks, but don’t remember it firsthand.

 “I was three and the only thing I remember is my mom told me that she had to pull us out of preschool early,’’ Moran said.

Marshall said she was “overjoyed” one of the swimmers came up with the idea.

“Not only are very difficult and grueling workouts, but they are so meaningful and powerful to do because you know you can't give up or slow down [because you are] thinking of who you're honoring during the workout,’’ the coach said. “The girls also coordinated to all wear red, white and blue during the workout to honor our country and the sacrifices so many make for our freedoms.

“I thought it was pretty amazing of my girls to want to do the workout and do it with pride. The memory of September 11 is so near and dear to my heart, like so many Americans, as my husband is a US Marine and has served our country in the aftermath of 9/11. I might be biased because of my thoughts on how important it is to never forget what happened that day 14 years ago, or because I think the world of my girls, but I think what they've done is pretty amazing.’’

And the swimmers had some fun with it.

“It was a cool idea and it brought the team together,” Pytel said.


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