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Orland residents record holes-in-one

Orland Park residents Tony Majchrowicz and Patrick Lipscomb gave Silver Lake Country Club two notable achievements on the same day as both golfers registered holes-in-one during rounds of play on Aug. 16.
Majchrowicz carded his ace on the 122-yard fourth hole of the North course, using an 8-iron to hit his shot. Lipscomb, meanwhile, covered the 118-yard distance of the South course’s 18th hole with just one shot. He used a 9-iron to sink his hole-in-one, which was witnessed by playing partners Joe Knight and Steven Schmidt, both of Orland.

“[I had] a perfectly smooth follow-through,” Lipscomb said. “[The shot] went sky high, dropped 3 feet in front [of the cup], bounced once and rolled in. I threw my arms in the air and let out a scream like a high school girl.”

Majchrowicz’s ball bounced twice on the green before hitting the bottom of the flagstick and dropping into the hole.

“Everyone around me started freaking out,” he said. “They gave me high-fives and were so happy for me.”