Letters to the Editor from 10-2-14

Dear Editor:
  The elections must be coming.
  The politicians are fixing streets, upgrading transportation, breaking ground for cool new projects, and working on laws to help the middle class.
  What a wonderful time of the year. Like an early Christmas.
Paul Kristofek
Hickory Hills

Dear Editor:
  Recently, the campaign of Scott Hollis, a candidate for village trustee, sent thousands of vicious emails to residents of Oak Lawn. The political smear attacked Trustee Robert Streit, who has served our community for 24 years.
  The smear also attacked me personally. My name is Shannon Fox and I live right here in Oak Lawn. Last year, Bob Streit hired me, an independent business woman, to manage constituent services in his District Three office.
  The political smear piece tries to link my husband’s recent troubles to Trustee Streit and my job. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, it is an insult to me, to distribute political literature that makes connections that don’t exist in order to win an election. I wonder if these are really the type of people we want running Oak Lawn?
  Many of you will remember that this same tactic was used successfully against our former Mayor David Heilmann. Candidates initiated federal investigations, paid taxpayer dollars to attorneys to provide “investigative findings” and smeared the mayor in literature. He took the high road, believing the voters would ignore such outlandish lies.
  I can’t afford to sit silently by while my name is dragged through the mud, using allegations against my husband.
  While I acknowledge my husband’s shortcomings, Mr. Hollis does a great disservice to all women who are trying to support themselves, pay the rent or mortgage and survive on their own, by blaming us for mistakes made by our husbands. We don’t live in the 1800s and we shouldn’t be treated in that manner. I would ask Mr. Hollis, if it was his daughter being smeared, how he would feel.
  When I realized that these smears against me were being used for political purposes, I offered my resignation. Bob refused to accept my offer because he understands that women fight a battle every day that is unconnected to the accomplishments or the failures of their loved ones. It is one of the reasons that I am committed to working with Bob; he understands the issues that women face in trying to make a living, raise a family and care for loved ones.
  Bob’s opponent is a newcomer to Oak Lawn. Sometimes, a lack of experience allows people to be easily influenced by individuals who are more concerned about political battles than serving the public. I would ask that Mr. Hollis immediately disassociate himself with such political smears and acknowledge that the information is false and misleading. It does a great disservice to the people of Oak Lawn and should not be tolerated by any elected official or candidate for office.
Shannon Fox
Oak Lawn