Dare we say it? Spring is not far away

  • Written by Joe Boyle
As we enter the middle of February, I began to think we are entering a period of anticipation. The Super Bowl, the Patriots comeback and Lady Gaga is now a memory. Chance the Rapper, from Chicago’s South Side, collected some Grammy Awards on Sunday night. Hey, that’s great. I can’t say I know a lot about Chance the Rapper. He did do a series of TV promos for the Chicago White Sox last summer and threw out the first ball on opening day. I’m glad he is a White Sox fan and his spots called for the team to “step up.” Obviously, they didn’t. The Academy Awards are coming up on Sunday, Feb. 26. I will probably watch at least some of it. I like to watch to get an idea of what some of the better films of the past year were. Some of the recipients who receive Oscars could be longtime favorites who finally receive the honor. And perhaps you are rooting for a certain film or actor because you have actually seen the movie. In many cases, I have seen very few or none at all. This past year, I did see “Arrival” starring Amy Adams. I thought it was a great film and worthy of being nominated for Best Picture. Adams is not up for Best Actress but probably should have. What that means for me is that this movie is the only one I saw that is up for an award. The only reason I’m going on about the Academy Awards is that that is the only big event coming up in the near future. But if I have not seen many of the movies, my interest level drifts, especially when the awards show clocks in at three hours. It may be time to channel surf. Perhaps there might be a limited series on HBO that is coming up that may catch my interest. Netflix has an interesting lineup of shows to view as well. For college basketball fanatics, “March Madness” is approaching. I hear a lot of discussion about tournament picks and who may win and so on and so on. Even former President Obama would be interviewed on ESPN and other sports programs about his choices. I read and watch TV reports with some curiosity over the enthusiasm some sports reporters and broadcasters show over the “Big Dance.” Personally, I just don’t get that pumped about the tournament. I guess I’m not a big basketball fan anyway and less so when it comes to college. I just don’t follow it. At one time I was more interested if I knew someone who was playing at that level. If there were athletes my kids or nieces or nephews knew, I would show more interest. But that’s about it. One sport I’m not thinking about is football. The Patriots won the Super Bowl but I think we can give football a rest for a while. I think I saw somewhere that someone is counting off the days for football training camp in June. I can’t believe that. Maybe this person is a Patriots fan. He can’t be a Bears fan. I’m not counting the days for football training camp to see stories on the Bears, who finished 3-13 last year. This is the time of the year when I actually start thinking about spring, which is still a month away. The Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox actually began spring training this week in Arizona. All major league teams began their workouts this week in Arizona and Florida. For me, that’s something to look forward to. Yes, we have had a mild winter so far. We have only had just over 18 inches of snow this winter and the majority of that came in December. Maybe the unseasonably warm temperatures have me thinking more about spring. Of course, I have lived here long enough to know that the weather can change in a hurry. Hey, we can always hope. February is a short month and perhaps March can enter and exit more like a lamb. That means baseball, watching a variety of sporting events, and taking walks at our local parks and forest preserves. Spending more time outdoors and actually seeing the sun more often would be a welcoming sight indeed. I look forward to that, with great anticipation. Joe Boyle is the editor of The Reporter. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .