Let’s not forget old acquaintances in the new year

  • Written by Joe Boyle

The passing of the old year to the new marks a new beginning for most of us. At least we would like to think so.

But the new year has just begun and we have not noticed any great changes over the last few days. The Chicago Bears have proved to be as an inept in 2017 as they were in 2016. President-elect Donald Trump will continue to tweet as often as he did in the previous year.

And what about Mariah Carey? During her next performance in 2017, maybe she will actually sing. That would be one change.

The point I’m trying to make is that the new year is not like a light switch. Problems that existed in 2016 will most likely continue, at least initially, in 2017. Of course, we celebrate on New Year’s Eve with the hope that things will be a little bit better in the following year.

Many of us have made resolutions. The most popular is losing weight and getting in great shape. I wish everyone good luck with that. However, my suggestion is not to focus on this as your primary goal. Many of us become disenchanted. Losing weight can be hard work, especially when we get older. Getting a new job is something for people to strive for.

Perhaps the best resolution is not to make that many. Just try and be a better person. Perhaps some of the other things like weight and a new job will eventually take care of itself.

The year of 2016 was filled with chaos and the unexpected. It was in many ways an unpredictable year. My final day of 2016 was different. I attended a wake for a childhood friend that was held at my old church, St. Margaret of Scotland, 9837 S. Throop St., Chicago. Tom Carey was well known as a Democratic strategist for local candidates. He would call me often when I worked at another newspaper. We would discuss some candidates but we would always divert back to our pasts.

Tom lived a couple of blocks from me and we attended St. Margaret’s together. We were on some of the same baseball teams for the then Longwood Manor Baseball Association. Our conversations were mostly about those old days.

His wake was well attended. Many friends from my past were in attendance and it was good to catch up on how everyone was doing. That’s how life is when you get a little older. You often meet up with friends from your past at wakes and funerals. Fortunately, I have been seeing more of my friends from my past at more uplifting events the past couple of years. That is one resolution we should all try to keep. We should do our best to stay in touch with people we have known over the years.

I then had to leave to take some photos for our newspaper. My wife and I went out for dinner that evening in LaGrange and later saw the movie “Arrival” starring Amy Adams. Not to give anything away but this sci-fi film is about a new beginning. Somehow that was fitting to see this on New Year’s Eve. It is a great film.

We were home well before midnight and prepared to watch various New Year’s Eve countdown shows. At midnight, we celebrated like everyone else. We seemed to hear more fireworks than last year, maybe due to the milder temperatures.

I was in a good mood knowing that I would have couple of days off. It gave me an opportunity to think about the passing year and what to look forward to in 2017.

And what we can look forward to every year is hope. I don’t know if a new year is a new beginning or not. I suppose for some of us it can be. But maybe we can’t expect instant changes. Schools will be back in session soon and organizations will be gathering for meetings.

We know we will soon have a new president. The Bears will have the third pick in the NFL draft. So there will be changes in 2017. Let us hope that some of those changes will be for the better.

As for me, keeping up with friends and relatives will be my main goal.

Joe Boyle is the editor of The Reporter. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .