Telescope builders

  A group of students from Chicago Page-8-CC-telescopeChristian High School’s Astronomy Club, under the direction of Barry Latham, recently built a telescope. Pictured are Chicago Christian students Tommy Findysz (Worth), Matthew Orsic (Crestwood), and Lauren Guth (Mokena).

  The telescope is an Orion Starblast 6i. It has a database of 14,000 celestial objects, and combined with the “push to programming”, time can be spent looking at rather than finding objects in our suburban skies. Although an out-of-the-box telescope, the students had to disassemble it using simple tools, install the electronics, and then reassemble it.
  Alignment will take place each night the telescope is used. The Astronomy Club meets every Thursday after school to explore some aspect of astronomy. Evening viewings using the telescope will take place near or on campus, but will also be a part of an out-reach program to local community and church groups.