Bulletin Board from 5-15-14

Moraine Valley
  The Moraine Valley Community College Foundation is seeking notable alumni, who have achieved success in their careers or through work in the community, for its new Hall of Fame. Between five to eight inductees will be honored at the inaugural Hall of Fame reception in November.
  Candidates must have completed any amount of credit or noncredit coursework at Moraine Valley, achieved success in their chosen field and made a positive impact on the community through volunteering or leadership. They also must agree to attend the reception to accept the award, and return to campus at least once within the year to be a guest speaker and/or participate in a student engagement activity.
  Nominees can self-nominate (must include a letter of recommendation) or be nominated by someone else. All nominees are encouraged to submit up to three letters of recommendation and a maximum of three pages of supplementary materials such as news articles, brochures or photos highlighting the applicant’s accomplishments and contributions.
  Nominations, which must be accompanied by a current resume or bio, are due by midnight Sunday, June 1. Application forms are online at
  For more information, contact Kari Pantol at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (708) 974-5551.

Oak Lawn Community H.S.
  Oak Lawn Community High School will host its Relay for Life for the 12th year in a row. Relay for Life is an organization dedicated to raising money and awareness for cancer research. This year’s Relay for Life will take place Saturday, May 17. Per Relay tradition, the faculty, staff and students painted the gym purple on Feb. 7 by wearing purple T-shirts during the varsity basketball game. Relay for Life coordinator Thaddeus Zuzga said that OLCHS raised more than $1,500. These funds will be used to cover all of the extracurricular activities at this year’s Relay For Life Event on May 17. It is not too late to register teams or participants for the event. For more information, call 424-5200.

St. Laurence
  St. Laurence students participated in Viking Quest Week, which included a variety of speakers and culminated in a Team of Teams competition called Igor’s Challenge.
  Rich Panico ’69 kicked off the week reminding everyone of the importance of vision and knowing where you’re going. Nathan Kipnis talked about his experience in the architecture industry as it relates to problem solving, and Mark Wollschlaeger highlighted the positive aspects of a STEM curriculum.
  During the Igor Challenge, each team of students created a ship from limited materials and then tested it in a competition, which gave them the opportunity to use creativity and problem-solving skills they have learned through the St. Laurence STEM curriculum.
  The final assembly also recognized students, faculty, and staff who are emblematic leaders at St. Laurence.