Family says report shows Worth girl was drug free

  • Written by Bob Rakow

There were no drugs in Brittany Wawrzyniak’s system the night that she was killed, members of her family said Tuesday.


Family members said that on Monday, Worth police gave them a toxicology report on Wawrzyniak’s Nov. 8 death and that she was drug-free.


“Not one ounce. This is very big,” said Earl Lane, Wawrzyniak’s step-grandfather.


“It’s kind of nice to know it is black and white,” said Wawrzyniak’s mother, Rebecca Tully. “There’s a lot of people out there that don’t know. We’ve been saying all along that it [having drugs in her system] wasn’t the case.”


The family has not seen the rest of the autopsy report, Tully said. She does not know why it took more than three month for the information to become available.


News of the toxicology report was posted Tuesday afternoon on the RIP Brittany Wawrzyniak Facebook page.


Tully said the toxicology report substantiates her belief that her daughter did not take drugs.


“Finally the toxicology report has come back and there were no drugs in Brittany’s system, further securing the fact that she was there helping to arrange the meeting for the two girls,” the post said.


Wawrzyniak’s family believes the 18-year-old faked a drug buy at the Worth boat launch to arrange a fight between a friend and another girl.


Wawrzyniak died after she was ejected from the backseat of an alleged drug dealer’s car.


Cook County prosecutors allege that Wawrzyniak met Eric Steven Johnson at the boat launch near 115th Street and Beloit Avenue. She got into the backseat of his car and handed him $200 in exchange for 30 pills of Clonazepam.


Wawrzyniak began counting the pills while still in the backseat as Johnson drove away. She opened the door of the moving car, was ejected and struck the pavement, prosecutors said. She was pronounced dead at Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn less than one hour later.


Wawrzyniak’s family wholeheartedly rejects the scenario, and believes there’s more to the story of Brittany’s death. Police have not commented further on the ongoing investigation.


Tully said the family’s next move is to meet with the Cook County State’s Attorney and learn more about the future of the case against Johnson.









WHATIZIT? 2-20-14

  • Written by Jeff Vorva

It was in the cards thatDR-COLOR-WHZ a healthy dose of WHATIZIT? wizards were back in form and guessed that last week’s photo was of a memory card for cameras.
Harrison Debre of Willow Springs was back in the saddle, ringing in first with the right answer after his three-week reign was broken last week.
Chicago Ridge’s Dana Oswald, Kelly Peterson and Patty Vandenberg, Evergreen Park’s Jan Merchantz, Henrietta Mysliwiec and Vince Vizza, Worth’s Mary Kurdziel, Sandy Joiner, Theresa and George Rebersky, E.J.Oahueke, Robert Solner and Celeste Cameron and Oak Lawn’s Steve Rosenbaum and Jane Foley were also right on.
And someone who not only forgot their hometown, but their name, too, got it right.
We had one wrong guess of a floppy disk.
This week clue: This hot button is on a “tower”-ing presence.
Send those guesses by Monday night to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and put WHATIZIT? in the subject line. Don’t forget your name and hometown.

Photo by Jeff Vorva.

Another close shave at Hannum

PAGE-8-3-col-shaveHannum School hosted its first ever St. Baldrick’s Foundation fundraiser last year.  Nearly 50 students and adults shaved their heads, raising over $15,600. Submitted photo.Shave for a Cure is coming back to Hannum School this March. 
Hannum School hosted its first ever St. Baldrick’s Foundation fundraiser last year.  Nearly 50 students and adults shaved their heads in solidarity with children who lose their hair due to chemotherapy.  The head shaving event raised more than $15,600 to help fund childhood cancer research.
This year’s event takes place at 6:30 p.m. March 14, in the school’s gym. This event is for students, teachers and their families. Shaving will take place at this event for those who register. 
Anyone can contribute by visiting our website at
— Submitted by Hannum School

Palos hospital CEO departs after some 90 days in charge

  • Written by Tim Hadac

Palos Community Hospital’s new president and chief executive officer abruptly left his position last week, barely 90 days into his job.
While Edgardo Tenreiro has confirmed that he is no longer employed at the hospital, neither he nor hospital officials would indicate whether he resigned or was fired, or what the reason behind the sudden departure was.
Photographs of and references to Tenreiro have been stripped from the Palos Community Hospital website and Facebook page, including a photograph from earlier this month in which he helped accept a chamber of commerce award for the hospital, and a press release from last Oct. 9 that announced his selection as CEO.
In that press release, hospital Board Chairman Edward Mulcahy had said, “On behalf of the board of directors of Palos Community Hospital, I am very pleased that Edgardo has been selected to continue the proud tradition of service established by the Religious Hospitallers of St. Joseph. Mr. Tenreiro is highly qualified, and I am confident that our hospital and our community will benefit greatly from his leadership.”
Prior to his brief tenure at Palos Community Hospital, Tenreiro served as executive vice president and chief operating officer of General Health System in Baton Rouge, La.
At Palos Community Hospital, he succeeded Sister Margaret Wright, who had served at the hospital’s helm for more than three decades.
Last month, Tenreiro said in a Crain’s Chicago Business interview that the hospital has “been losing about $1 million to a couple million dollars a month. It is a challenge, no question about it. It’s a combination of our costs being too high and our revenue not being high enough. On the revenue side, we’re going to have to work much closer with our physicians to identify ideas for growth. Our labor productivity is not where we want it to be. You want to match your demand for the service with the labor that you have. In order to make that happen, you have to really focus on being lean and Six Sigma (a data-driven approach to measure quality), which are the tools that we’re going to be providing. You have to cut costs at the same time.”
A hospital official said Tuesday that it is too early to speculate on a timeline or details of a process to search for a new president and CEO.

Jeff Vorva's Editor's Notebook: Tuff Shuffle, snow records and are you Cy-rius, Miley?

Jeff Vorva's Editor's Notebook:


jeff columnDuring several of the many snowstorms – including Monday’s    – I was out with the snow blower jamming to a hot mix of Kraftwerk cover songs.
On an old iPod shuffle. One that my daughter, Lauren, had back when Hillary Duff was putting her makeup on a Saturday night.
Last week on a cold, cold night, my son, T.J. and I were in a broiling hot Apple Store in the Orland Square Mall and replacing his iPhone which suffered some recent software and hardware woes that came with a bill that made me say “woe is me.”
To date, our four-member family has purchased five iPhones, five or six iTouches, three iPod Classics, two iPod Nanos, two Shuffles and an iPad. And that’s doesn’t cover the uncountable number chargers and headphones we have gone through.
Most of these expensive items have had garbage software problems. To this day, I have no idea why my second Classic crapped out. That was unfair.
Some suffered hardware problems.
My son’s iPhone and daughter’s iTouch both suffered cracks at the same friend’s house in Wheaton. In different years. T.J.’s was mangled playing basketball. Lauren’s crack came while her device was in my wife’s Maggie’s purse and we presumed safely put away in a closet.
Some of the younger kids got into the closet and must have had a hat dance with the purses.
I have a lot of problems with Apple and its products and judging by the many message boards out there in the Internet world, I am not alone. They make their products to be broken.
But through all of this, our little blue 1 GB iPod shuffle, is still going strong.
It survived a lot of stuff.
It’s hit the floor a few times. It was lost for several months. It’s been in freezing cars in the winter and steaming cars in the summer. It fell in the snow a few times.
It survived the wildest variety of music you could fill it with. My daughter’s teenybop pop, my son’s rap music and my wild music that includes crazy rockabilly and loud metal-industrial masters Laibach and Rammstein should have melted its innards long ago.
But it’s still working.
So, it appears that Apple accidentally made a product that can’t be broken.
It’s a miracle.

More snow comingPAGE-3--3-col-JV-COL
Saturday’s forecast is for more snow!
I believe that it has snowed every Saturday in 2014 so this is no surprise.
While most of us are sick of snow and cold, the word is that this is only the third highest snowfall in the Chicago area and we are about 20 inches short of breaking the record.
The question I will throw out to the floor is this: Do you wish for another 20 inches in the next month or two so we can brag that we survived the worst winter in history? Heck, we’ve gone this far, why not go for it?
Or do you just want this #$%#@ snow to end once and for all on Saturday?
While standing knee-deep in snow at the end of the driveway caused mostly by the plows on Tuesday morning, I think I know my answer to that question.

Wrong about Miley
This week Miley Cyrus was performing a concert in Tacoma when someone threw a thong on stage.
Cyrus picked it up and put it in her mouth.
Unless the thong was thrown by a plant in the audience (the maybe-late, great Andy Kaufman used to use audience plants all the time) the thong thrown from the throng could have been anywhere, and this goof is putting it in her mouth. Who knows where that thing has been?
Kids, don’t try this at home.
I remember when Cyrus was the TV star on “Hannah Montana” I thought there were times when she had some comedic chops and timing and if she worked on it a bit more, could have been in Lucille Ball territory.
But instead of becoming a really good comedian she is turning into a sad clown.