Oak Lawn man charged after dogs are thrown off roof

  • Written by Dermot Connolly

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Photo by Dermot Connolly

Animal cruelty charges have been filed against a man who allegedly threw two toy poodles off the top floor of the five-story parking tower C, beside Advocate Christ Medical Center, in the 9300 block of South Kostner Avenue, in Oak Lawn.


Oak Lawn resident Edward Hanania, 22, has been charged with two counts of felony animal cruelty for allegedly killing one dog and badly injuring another by throwing them off a five-story parking garage at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn on Saturday.

Hanania was being held in Cook County Jail and was awaiting a bond hearing.

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Oak Lawn Chief of Investigations Randy Palmer said Monday that police responded to a report of two injured dogs found between hospital parking towers B and C in the 9300 block of South Kostner Avenue, at 12:07 p.m. Saturday. The dogs, both male white toy poodles, were transported to the Animal Welfare League in Chicago Ridge. But the 6-year-old, later found to be named Guerrero, died of injuries suffered in the fall. He was the father of the younger dog, 1-year-old Angel, who survived and is being treated for a badly broken leg and swollen ribs. Staff at the Animal Welfare League said the dog’s recovery could take three months.

His survival is attributed to him falling on grass, while the older dog fell onto concrete.


“I don’t know a motive. We’re looking at this individual’s full background, trying to piece together what transpired and why,” said Palmer during a press conference on Monday. “It is not something that a normal person would do. We are all baffled by this. We have trained investigators that worked homicides and everything else, and this one just baffles my mind,” said Palmer.

He said investigators learned that the dogs had somehow gotten out of their yard in Chicago on Saturday. Someone found them at 55th and Troy Street in the city, and according to reports, posted photos of them on a Facebook page dedicated to reuniting lost dogs and cats with their owners.

Hanania is alleged to have claimed to own the animals and they were turned over to him. They were gone by the time the true owner came to pick them up, with photos and medical records proving they were his.

Palmer described the owner as “devastated,” after learning the fate of his pets. He has taken Angel home, along with the remains of the other dog.

“Considering the heinousness of this crime, we would like to see him charged to the full extent of the law,” said Palmer of Hanania, who, he said, has a criminal record.

“Trying to figure out a motive is mind-boggling to me. Why someone would do this to a harmless animal that is not hurting anyone (is baffling),” he concluded.