Violent brawl at Oak Lawn High School leads to arrest

  • Written by Staff and wire reports

Two female students engaged in a violent brawl Monday morning at Oak Lawn Community High School, with one of the students stabbing and injuring the other with a pair of scissors.

The students who suffered lacerations to her arms, neck, and forehead was identified as Destinee Garza. She reportedly was treated at a hospital and released.

The girl with the scissors was not identified, but she was arrested by Oak Lawn police later in the day. She had fled the school after the fight broke up.

Video of the hallway brawl, recorded by numerous students on their cellphones, was widely distributed on social media.

Garza’s mother, Barbara Garza, told ABC-TV Eyewitness News that the other girl was “out to kill my child.”

That girl showed no remorse,” Barbara Garza said.

The melee, which broke out about 11 a.m. between classes, lasted about 35 seconds, according to reports. Video of the incident show numerous punches being thrown by both girls.

Destinee Garza, who is seen in the video of the incident wearing a black T-shirt and shorts, told ABC-7 that she was attacked by the other student.

“I felt something, but…it didn’t feel like a punch,” she said in the TV interview. “She just kept stabbing me, I guess. I didn’t know she had the scissors in her hand at all.”

Oak Lawn police did not have any further comment after the incident because the two girls are juveniles. But police did say that the girl with the scissors will be petitioned to juvenile court. She could be charged with aggravated battery.

In a statement to ABC-TV, a school district spokesperson said: “We have very high expectations, both academically and behaviorally for our students at Oak Lawn Community High School. It is part of our school’s mission to provide a safe and secure learning environment for our students, which is why we are so disappointed by the actions of these individuals. We will utilize appropriate school procedures to ensure each student’s due process rights are provided, and we will then determine shat school consequences will be issued. These consequences may include external suspension and referral to the Board of Education for expulsion.”