Hickory Hills honors Good Samaritan business owner

  • Written by Sharon L. Filkins

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Ghandi Dini, a business owner in Hickory Hills, is surrounded by family and members of the Hickory Hills City Council last Thursday after being honored for aiding a woman involved in a road rage incident.


A Good Samaritan proclamation and commendation for a local business owner occurred during the Hickory Hills City Council meeting last Thursday night.

Recognized for a selfless act of heroism and concern for a victim of road rage occurring on Oct. 5, 2016 was Ghandi Dini, co-owner of Chill ‘N Grill Spot Restaurant, located at 9348 S. Roberts Road.

Ald. Tom McAvoy (3rd Ward) introduced Dini and read the Good Samaritan Proclamation of Recognition and Gratitude, which outlined the events of that day when Dini left his store and ran out to aid a young woman who had been involved in a traffic collision involving two cars.

Dini was in his store at about 8:30 p.m. when a customer came in and said one of the drivers, a young girl, was being assaulted by a female occupant of the other car. When Dini went out and approached the young woman to help and comfort her, the other woman verbally assaulted him and told him to mind his own business.

When he responded to her remarks, a male occupant of the car joined the woman and they both physically attacked Dini. As he was defending himself and backing up, he tripped and fell. The two people continued beating and kicking him in the face and torso, according to the proclamation.

Witnesses standing by helped pull the attackers off of him just as responding police officers arrived. Dini was treated at the scene by North Palos Fire Department paramedics and transported to Palos Community Hospital, where it was determined he had suffered a fractured left eye socket. He is still recovering from the injury.

Also commending Dini was Police Chief Al Vodicka, who presented him with a Certificate of Appreciation and Gratitude.

“The Police Department commends you for bravery above and beyond the norm, in the face of a physical assault,” said Vodicka.

Phyllis Majka, president of the Hills Chamber of Commerce, also recognized Dini for his bravery in coming to the aid of a young victim and presented him with a one-year free membership in the chamber.

Speaking in response to the outpouring of appreciation, Dini said he was humbled by all the recognition.

“I thank all of you for your kind words. I only did what I had to do,” Dini said. “Someone needed help and I was there. It is what I know in my heart. We are to help people who need help and I will continue to help whenever it is needed.”

On another matter, Mayor Mike Howley announced the city was making a contribution to the Palos Area Bus Transportation for the Elderly and Disabled in the amount of $13,450. He stated that of the 5,000 trips the bus makes annually, 2,000 of them are generated by Hickory Hills residents.

In a committee of the whole meeting conducted prior to the regular council meeting, council members reviewed several options presented by ComEd for improved maintenance of an approximately two-acre lot it owns, located along 76th Avenue, just south of 95th Street and the entrance to I-294 South.

The options offered by ComEd included a chain-link fence, a post and cable fence, a guard rail or concrete barricades.

The consensus of the council was to have a guard rail installed around the lot with one entrance south of the property.

Howley said the lot is unsightly and has been used as a fly-dump spot for years.

“Hopefully, this will be an effective solution,” he said.