Future of Evergreen Park Animal Hospital is uncertain

  • Written by Joe Boyle

The purchase of a real estate contract for the Evergreen Park Animal Hospital appeared to be a standard procedure during the Evergreen Park Village Board meeting on Dec. 19.

However, Dr. Roy Hubert, DVM, owner of the Evergreen Park Animal Hospital, said not so fast.

“We have not signed anything or made any agreements,” said Hubert. “The village approached us a couple of months ago. The mayor (Evergreen Park Mayor James Sexton) asked us if we wanted to sell.”

That was news to Sexton, who appeared confused by Hubert’s response.

“As far as I know it is a done deal,” said Sexton. “Our attorney, Vince Cainkar, was going to talk to their attorney. It was just a matter of signing some papers. The only question was when he was going to shut down.”

The board approved the ordinance for the real estate contract for the purchase of the Evergreen Park Animal Hospital, 3000 W. 95th St., at a cost of $400,000. Sexton said the building will be demolished and the property will be used for parking for the Wu’s House Restaurant at 95th and Sacramento Avenue.

Hubert was not present at the board meeting that night. A couple of customers came in and asked when he was going to shutter his doors. He admitted to being taken aback by the questions and pointed out to his regular customers that he had no plans to close for good.

“I’m still open and we will continue to remain open,” said Hubert. “I’ve told the village that I want to remain open.”

That was music to the ears of Sexton, who later had a phone conversation with Hubert.

“The contract was signed at the meeting,” said Sexton. “We would not have done that if this was not a done deal.”

Hubert and his staff are required to be out of the animal hospital by July 1, according to the agreement. Hubert has indicated that he is looking at other properties, but he reiterates that he has not signed a contract.

“I’m not 100 percent sure I want to do this,” added Hubert. “We have several other animal hospitals a few minutes away from us. I just don’t want to make a decision in which we lose our business.”

The Evergreen Park Animal Hospital has been at its current location since the 1980s. Hubert’s animal hospital was once located at 98th and Western Avenue. The Plaza developers owned the land around the hospital and the village intervened to work out a deal with Hubert for the property.

Hubert said that his years of service for the Evergreen Park Animal Hospital dates back to 1969. The Evergreen Park Animal Hospital first opened in 1950.

Sexton said he had previously suggested to Hubert that he would assist in keeping his animal hospital in the village.

“Absolutely, we would like to have him remain here,” said Sexton. “They have been here a long time. I didn’t know if he wanted to go on. I’m glad that he wants to reopen and stay here.”

But Hubert said the village was a little hasty in their announcement at the last village board meeting.

“The village decided ahead of time before I signed any papers,” said Hubert on Tuesday “I agreed it was a fair price for the property, but I still haven’t decided yet.”