MVCC transitions to online course catalog

  • Written by Kelly White

Moraine Valley Community College is going greener this school year by having a predominately online-only course catalog.

According to Moraine Valley officials, the online course catalog available at looks like a typical website and is user-friendly to all college students. The catalog can be downloaded to a desktop computer, saved as a PDF file and is also mobile friendly.

This transition is beneficial because a lot of students review courses through their cellphones and other mobile devices now, preferring the flexibility of convenience over a paper catalog, Moraine Valley officials said.

The college made the decision prior to the start of the 2016 school year to move to a one-year online course catalog from a two-year print catalog. Planning and creating the website began during last school year.

The print version of the catalog will only be available inside the college from now on, with paper copies available for students to browse through in the bookstore located in the campus’ D Building at 9000 College Parkway in Palos Hills.

Past course catalogs that were only available in the print version are now also available through the online catalog website.

Keeping the catalog online will also help to provide more accurate class information, according to Moraine Valley President Dr. Sylvia Jenkins.

“I think the college is calling themselves short by calling this online version just an online course catalog, because it offers so much more than class descriptions,” said Joseph Murphy, chairperson for the Moraine Valley Board.

The online course catalog provides a variety of information, including programs of study, course descriptions, required prerequisites for classes, an academic calendar, requirements for graduation, Moraine’s career and transfer programs, grading, admission and registration, financial aid, student services, international student affairs, a message from the college president, student life programs and instructional programs.

Students do not have the option to make a class schedule directly through the online catalog website – just as they did not with the print version – and the online catalog does not tell specific course times.

However, the online version is also saving the college a lot of green while going green. The cost to print the catalog every two years was costing the college $37,000. Moraine officials point out that the online catalog is only $9 a year.

“This is a very nice catalog that is easily accessible to all of our students,” Jenkins said. “Quite a number of people worked really hard on this project, and they plan to help to continue to build it semester by semester with available courses and a continuous number of features that are obtainable here at the college.”

“This is great for students to have everyday access right at their fingertips,” Murphy said.