Worth approves license for medical marijuana dispensary

  • Written by Sharon L. Filkins

It is official. A business license for a medical marijuana dispensary, Windy City Cannabis, located at 11425 S. Harlem Ave., was approved unanimously at the Tuesday Village Board Meeting in Worth. The facility is expected to be open by late January.

The Village’s Economic Development Commission recommended the license approval contingent upon all inspections being completed and in compliance with all village codes and ordinances.

The Worth location is the fourth facility to be opened by Windy City Cannabis. The other locations are in Homewood, Posen and Justice.

A company representative at the meeting issued an invitation to the board or any interested residents to attend an open house at the Homewood Facility on Saturday, Dec. 19. “It will be the last time any non-medical person can enter the facilities,” he said.

Trustee Peter Kats asked if any Worth residents would be hired at the new facility. “This was promised to us when your company made a presentation to our board,” he said.

The representative replied that two Worth residents had been interviewed and both were offered a position. “So far, we have only had one acceptance of the offer,” he said.

In the public comment portion of the meeting, resident Jack McGrath asked what the village hoped to gain from the approval of this new business.

Mayor Mary Werner replied that the facility would possibly be drawing people who have never been to Worth. “It is our hope that this will be a boon for our businesses. Hopefully, people coming to the dispensary will eat in our restaurants, shop, buy gas, etc. We believe this business will be a true blessing to the people who really need it as well as a boost to our business climate.”

Also approved was an ordinance amendment calling for a three percent increase in the village’s water rate. The rate increase, per 1,000 gallons of water used by consumers, is: for all business or commercial uses, $7.93 in 2016 (an increase from $7.70 in 2015); for all uses not otherwise provided including residential uses, $7.87 (an increase from $7.64 in 2015) and for churches, schools and nonprofit institutions, $7.34 (an increase from $7.13 in 2015).

The ordinance states that the rate increase supports the village’s efforts to provide necessary services to its residents and businesses and to promote public health, safety and welfare.

Other board action included an approval of an ordinance levying taxes for all corporate purposes for the village for the fiscal year commencing on May 1, 2016 and ending on April 30, 2017; and approval of a seven-year cable franchise agreement with ComCast.

A business license was approved for Mobile 1, a cellphone retail and repair shop at 10730 S. Harlem.

The mayor also announced that the village had entered a two-year agreement with Clear Channel Outdoor Advertising for free advertising on its digital display on the west side of the I-294 Tri-State Tollway, 150 feet south of 107th Street.

Village Clerk Bonnie Price announced that 30 recruits from the Great Lakes Naval Base will be arriving at the Marrs-Meyer American Legion Hall for dinner on Christmas Day. She invited residents to line the street leading to the Hall (Depot Avenue) to welcome them to Worth. For further information, contact the Village Hall at (708) 448-1181.