Arrow damages mayor's optometry office

  • Written by Dermot Connolly

Oak Lawn police are investigating a case of vandalism in which an arrow was shot through a glass door at the main entrance of Mayor Sandra Bury’s optometry office in the overnight hours between Oct. 18 and 19.

          The damage to the double-paned glass door of Complete Vision Care, 6209 W. 95th St., was discovered by a newspaper deliveryman, who called police at 4:48 a.m. Oct. 19 to report finding the glass shattered. The arrow was found lodged in a chair about 10 feet from the door, Bury said this week.

          When police called her to the scene, she said they were shocked to find that a steel-tipped arrow caused the damage.

          “Welcome to my world,” she said wryly.

          Asked whether she thought political opponents unhappy with her for one reason or another might be behind it, Bury, a first-term mayor, said she would rather not focus on that possibility.

          “I’m leaving the investigation up to the police. It is in their hands now, and they are taking it very seriously. They’re very good at their jobs,” she said.

          “I am just very relieved that no one was in the office, and no one was hurt. I’m hoping that it may have been kids playing in the back behind the parking lot who did it by accident,” she said. “Judging by the time it was done, whoever did it, didn’t want to cause any injuries.”

          “I employ 20 women, and the majority are mothers. They didn’t sign up for this,” said Bury, an optometrist whose practice is marking its 10th anniversary at that location.

          Security cameras were focused on the entrance to the optometry office, and Police Division Chief Randy Palmer said the tapes are being reviewed.

          Security cameras were focused on the entrance to the optometry shop, and police are reviewing what they recorded, Palmer said.

          According to reports, Palmer said a practice arrow was used, making it harder to track because practice arrows are not cut to fit certain bows. Therefore, it would be impossible to determine which store sold it.

          Rather than worrying about who might have shot the arrow, using a compound bow, Bury said she prefers to focus on all the support she has received since the incident happened.

          In addition to residents and village staff who expressed their support, she is thankful for everyone from the deliveryman who called police when he saw the damage, and stayed there until she arrived, to the glass company that made sure the damage would be repaired as soon as possible.

          “I was originally told that it could take 10 days to get the new glass delivered, but the (representative) drove to Indiana to pick up the glass himself,” she said.