Jeff Vorva's Im-PRESS-ions: Warning to politicians: Stay out of our sports pages

  • Written by Jeff Vorva


Jeffs Col Impressions



You’ve heard of the Sports Illustrated cover jinx?

How about the Reporter/Regional News sports cover jinx?

A few weeks ago, I covered the third annual Battle of the Burbs softball game at Standard Bank Park in Crestwood, which was a softball game with police chiefs, fire chiefs, mayors and other politicians. Money raised from the event went to the Special Olympics.

The first two years, we ran photos and stories on that event in the regular news sections but with the Stanley Cup coming to the area and gobbling up our valuable page 4 space, and sports needed an extra story, we ran it on the front page of the sports section with three photos.

One of the photos in our Aug. 20 issue was of a couple of politicians horsing around. State senator Napoleon Harris, a former Northwestern and NFL player, hoisted Harvey Mayor Eric Kellogg over his shoulders and gave the mayor a little airplane spin.

Just a few days later, TV stations and newspapers had stories on some alleged shenanigans regarding Kellogg using grant money to buy an SUV for his personal use.

Actually, it’s probably not fair to admit to a jinx when it comes to Kellogg and unflattering headlines. Just Google up his name and you will get an eyeful.

Harris, on the other hand, seemed to have a clean record.

He was a football hero and thanks to excelling at NU (ironically, the Kellogg School of Business) he was an owner of a pair of Beggars Pizza locations. He was hoping to be a candidate for the U.S. Senate.

Less than a week after he was on our sports front hoisting Kellogg, I saw a TV story in which Chuck Goudie and the Channel 7 I-Team said he illegally underpaid his Beggars employees. The I-team said he owed 40 workers roughly $23,000.

Harris released the following statement:

"Ensuring the citizens of Illinois receive a fair wage is an issue I take very seriously. I would never knowingly deny anyone his or her right to fair compensation. As a public servant, business owner or citizen, it has always been important to me that the workers of Illinois are paid a fair and sufficient wage. My record as a State Senator reflects this. My life experiences embody this. In the event that my business is not in full compliance, these alleged issues will be addressed and resolved."

As for us?

We’re going to try to keep the politicians off the sports pages for a while.

(SUB HEADLINE) Roaring sarcasm

Last week, I was listening to the police scanner and in one of the nine towns the Reporter/Regional covers, a dispatcher asked a couple of officers to check out a report of a mountain lion roaming a neighborhood.

I wasn’t listening all that closely and I wondered if I heard it right.

So I put the scanner on hold and waited awhile for the next dispatch.

A few minutes later, the officers arrived at the neighborhood and one of the cops told the dispatcher “We’re here looking for the mountain lion…in Illinois.’’

That was pretty subtle yet pretty funny, too.

(SUB HEADLINE) Will she run a fowl campaign?

I am not in her jurisdiction, but if I could vote for her, I would consider voting for Tonia Khouri for 11th district congress.

She recently announced she was running for office at a chicken dinner she hosted at Frontier Park in Naperville.

But it wasn’t just any chicken dinner. It was a Yummy Chicken Dinner, with capital letters on the Y, C and D.

She had a handful of these YCDs all over her district recently.

I wish she was in our area because if she were to knock off incumbent Bill Foster, I could write the headline “Winner winner (yummy) chicken dinner.”