New Green Hills library director considers job a perk, not work

  • Written by Kelly White


Jane Jenkins is back at Green Hills Public Library -- this time asPAGE-3-new-librarianJane Jenkins is the new library director at Green Hills. Submitted photo. its director -- and she has enjoyed her time not working there in her first month.
“The Green Hills Public Library is a great place to work, although I’m not sure ‘work’ is the right word to use because I absolutely love being here,” she said.
Whatever you want to call it, Jenkins is showing up to work with a smile on her face.
The library, located at 8611 W 103rd Street in Palos Hills, said goodbye to Library Director, Annette Armstrong, after 17 years in June and has welcomed the Tinley Park resident, on July 1, to fill her shoes.
“I worked at Green Hills Public Library for 13 years before going to work at Oak Lawn Public Library in April of 2013 as Department Head for Customer Service,” Jenkins said. “When I saw the job posting for library director at Green Hills I felt compelled to apply. This was the first library I worked for and I feel a strong connection with the community, the library board and staff here.”
Prior to leaving for a position at Oak Lawn, Jenkins worked as the assistant director of the Green Hills Public Library.
With her new role as director, she is focusing on reacquainting herself with the patrons and getting to know the new staff members at the library, however, she promises changes will be coming to the library in the future.
“I do have some exciting projects in the works and will be sharing more details as they progress,” she said. “I look forward to continuing to work with local agencies and providing the best services to the residents of Hickory Hills and Palos Hills.”
Armstrong, said Jenkins was a great hire to fill her position.
“She has a wonderful personality and will be a recognizable face for our patrons,” Armstrong said.
Library Board President, Rick Kelleher, agreed that Jenkins is a perfect fit in the library as the new director.
“We are very excited to have Jane working back with us as the new library director,” he said, “Being a former employee of the library, we really feel this was a great hire for not only the library but our entire district.”
Jenkins has been working with libraries since 2000 when her family relocated from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Chicago. She also worked as a personal assistant for various organizations.
She said her knowledge of the library, the board of trustees, staff and patrons has made the transition to a new director an easier one, she said.
“She has always wanted to be a library director,” Armstrong said, “I have always encouraged her to move for more experience during her library career and I know she will do a very good job taking on this role.”