BREAKING NEWS: 'Regrettable' EP coach who blew whistle on Jackie Robinson West arrested after scuffle

  • Written by Bob Rakow




The Evergreen Park Athletic Association official who blew the whistle on the Jackie Robinson West Little League for cheating by violating residency rules was charged early Tuesday morning with disorderly conduct and assault after chasing a woman down a residential street and threatening her husband, police said.

Chris Janes, 39, of the 9100 block of Albany Avenue, was standing near his car when the woman arrived home at approximately 1:09 a.m., police said. The woman spotted him and he began to chase her, police said.

Janes, who is the vice president of the Evergreen Park Athletic Association, admitted Tuesday afternoon that he was “inebriated” when the incident occurred.

"I was overserved and had a tough time getting home,” Janes said. “Nothing happened.”

He added that he mistook the house he was at for his own. “I went to the wrong house,” he said.

“I was inebriated and if that’s the case I need to go over there and apologize,” he added. “It’s regrettable.”

The woman entered her house, and Janes began to shout vulgarities and demanded that her husband come outside, according to police.

Neither the woman nor her husband knew Janes, who also was charged with resisting and obstructing a peace officer, public intoxication and using vulgar and threatening language toward police and paramedics.

Paramedics were on the scene because Janes got a minor cut in the scuffle, police said.

Janes told police that he was walking home but did not recall where had been. He denied that he was driving, police said.

Janes is scheduled to appear in Bridgeview court on April 13.

The arrest is just the latest chapter in Janes’ saga, which began last year he alleged to Little League authorities that JRW had recruited players outside their boundaries in order to a field a team well-prepared to compete in Little League World Series competition.

The allegations initially were ignored, but upon further review Little League International decided to strip JRW of its U.S. championship much to the dismay of the team’s supporters and civic leaders, including Jesse Jackson and the Rev. Michael Pfleger among others.

Janes was branded a racist and required police protection at his home after receiving death threats and other intimidating phone calls in the days after JRW was stripped of its title. Others accused him of sour grapes because JRW defeated the Evergreen Park team 43-2 in four innings.

Janes did not return to work for several days after the incident as his employer decided his presence might present a safety threat.

“It just got really convenient to point the finger this way,” Janes said a few weeks ago. “It’s deflection.”

He added that Little League International’s decision to strip JRW of its title was not the result of his initial compliant.

In fact, Little League officials initially ruled they were confident that JRW had met residency requirements and considered the issue closed. But in early February, officials met in Chicago with presidents from JRW’s sister leagues.