Jeff Vorva's Im-PRESS-ions: Noel Cowards – another anonymous blog in OL pops up like a pimple

  • Written by Jeff Vorva

Jeffs Col Impressions

Just in time for Christmas, we have another Cowardly Blog.

First we have the original Cowardly Blog, started up by former Oak Lawn Mayor Dave Heilmann. But he said he is no longer associated with the project and it is being run by a bunch of anonymous slugs who seem to always side with Trustee Bob Streit.

Streit, along with Carol Quinlan rarely play nice with Mayor Sandra Bury and the other trustees. The division is pretty clear at the village’s action-packed twice monthly snipefests that are also known as board meetings.

While many people swear that Striet is behind the Cowardly Blog, he publicly denies it.

Dennis Brennan said he is the Cowardly Blog’s attorney and that’s the only name we have associated with this blog, which continually goes on the attack of Bury and those who agree with her.

And now…

We have a second blog. Call it Cowardly Blog II or Cowardly Blog Jr. For the sake of the rest of this column, we’ll call it Junior.

Junior’s first effort last week pretty much broiled Streit. It resorts to vulgar namecalling, some swearing and brings a family member into the abyss.  Streit was also identified as “pure evil.”

OK, I’ll admit I had a guffaw when Junior referred to Streit as a “smooth-talking wackadoo’’ but it was mostly because the word “wackadoo” is funny and we have a person in the office who uses that term quite a bit. Oh, and she denied having anything to do with Junior.

Interestingly, Junior unearthed an item in showing that Heilmann and Streit are registrants for the original Cowardly Blog’s domain name. So they must think Streit is cowardly lyin’.

So what we have here are two competing Cowardly Blogs who should just have someone come out and be man or woman enough to admit who is slinging this mud. Hiding behind anonymity gives you absolutely no credibility.

The next election around here is coming up in April, Streit will try to keep his spot on the board and at least two other candidates are trying to unseat him. Are they behind Junior? It Bury behind Junior? Any trustee not named Streit or Quinlan?  Who knows?

The bottom line is that it’s going to be a long and ugly three months with the competing Cowards duking it out.

Bong, bong, bong…

Starting this week, we plan on using Bob Bong’s fine Comings and Goings column for our consumer page.

Bong is the editor of Southwest Regional’s Desplaines Valley News and has been on top of the comings and goings of businesses in the south suburbs and southwest suburbs for years. He will tell you about news places coming and he will tell you about places who are leaving or who have left. Hence the name of the column.

Granted, not all of his bits and scoops will be in the boundaries of our six towns, but I have a sneaky feeling that people from around here take their cars and drive to places like Oak Forest, Bridgeview and other places that Bong writes about.