A sticker situation Worth tag-teams with the DMV

  • Written by Kelly White

Every car must have a sticker; if not, they will find you. They are members the DMV, and they are working hand-in-hand with the Village of Worth.
The village is pairing with the State of Illinois Department of Motor Vehicles and Direct Response database for vehicle sticker sales. The board voted unanimously Tuesday night to approve a $1,200 expenditure for the merger with the DMV database. The cost is broken down two ways: a $500 fee to connect to the State of Illinois database and a $700 fee for a direct response to merge with Worth’s personal database that holds records of all vehicle stickers purchased within the village. Stickers are $41 for 18 months for passenger vehicles and $49-$200 for trucks. Motorcyles are $26.
“We tried using only the DMV database about five years ago when we did not have our own database,” City Clerk Bonnie Price said at Tuesday night’s meeting. “Now we do have our own database through our software system, MSI.”
The village will be using the connection with the DMV database to look for addresses for vehicle owners who have not purchased a vehicle sticker. The DMV will prompt a village sticker application to be sent out to those addresses.
The DMV will also allow the village to have access to the number of cars each household owns, even if they are claiming to own less.
“If (someone) claims they only have three cars but the DMV database shows four vehicles, it will add the fourth car onto our database and the owner of that vehicle will be issued a village sticker application,” Price said.
The crosschecking with the DMV database will allow the village to compare the number of vehicles at the number of households and per owner throughout Worth. Although it sounds like a simple process, there may still be a few errors in its system.
“Some people may have moved and still be listed in the DMV database with a Worth address,” Price said. “These people need to be removed from our database so they do not show up as not having a vehicle sticker.”
Trustee Rich Dziedzic questioned if the village has access to how many stickers were not purchased in 2014.
“There should be a way to tell how many people did not purchase stickers in 2014 versus the number of stickers available,” he said.
Mayor Mary Werner confirmed 2015 vehicle sticker sales in conjunction with the DMV database will have this information down.
The merger with their database will let village officials know immediately who has not purchased a vehicle sticker, she said.
The $1,200 expense will not be an annual fee. Price confirmed the incurred fees will only need to pay out every two to three years.
“This is not something that would be done every year,” she said, “I would, however, recommend it be done every couple of years to keep track of the number of vehicles in the village failing to obtain a vehicle sticker.”
Even with the $1,200 expenditure, vehicle sticker prices are not set to rise in 2015. Werner states to be very comfortable with the village’s fee.
“We have not raised fees for vehicle sticker sales for the past couple of years,” she said, “I do not see any need to increase them in 2015.”