Health and Thanksgiving: She's giving you the boot

  • Written by Jeff Vorva


 Photo by Jeff Vorva

Oak Lawn’s Sharon Lombardi, who runs a fitness business in Palos Hills, offers not only a boot camp on Thanksgiving morning, but offers the public five tips on how people should eat during the holiday.

By Jeff Vorva

Reporter editor

Sharon Lombardi wants to give you the boot this Thanksgiving.

Then she wants you to fill your plate.

Lombardi the owner of Mission Body Possible in Palos Hills, is inviting people to a free 30-minute boot camp workout at her business at 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. on Thanksgiving at 8648 W. 103rd St.

Lombardi and her twin sister, Sandra Hubbard will run the workout. They are both certified trainers. Lombardi, an Oak Lawn resident said that she and her sister ran track and cross country for Stagg High School and continued their running careers at Moraine Valley and Judson College in Elgin. Now they are both certified trainers. For more information on the boot camp, call 708-846-5787

Sharon was planning a career in education but then a knee injury changed her plans.

“I studied personal training after I had knee surgery,” she said. “I had nothing better to do.’’

Whether people come to boot camp or not, the two cooked up a list of five tips for a healthier Thanksgiving they want to share with the public:

1.  Make a full round first: Before putting things on your plate check out everything that's being offered. We've all done it before. You go to a buffet and you start at the beginning of the line. You pick up everything that looks good to semi-decent and put it on your plate. Soon enough, your plate is completely piled before you even get halfway through, and then we see something we love, only causing us to go back to pile on our plates again.

Look at everything first -- even desserts -- and then only get the things that you really want, not the mediocre things.

2. Choose water: Whether we realize it or not, all those beverages we drink sometimes add up to far more empty calories than food. We think we are not doing harm to our bodies because we are only drinking juice, wine, pop, beer, etc. The reality is that most beverages contain empty calories and don't make us feel full so we keep drinking until soon enough we just drank 500 of our calories in sugar.

If you must drink something drink a large full glass of water first so you won't feel as thirsty, and you can even put a lemon in your water to add more flavor. If not, choose options such as unsweetened tea, black coffee, and even wine (if it is just one glass you will sip it slower).

3. Fight Boredom: When you get bored, you grab for the chips. So keep yourself occupied. If talking to Aunt Sally isn't  cutting it, maybe playing a board game with the kids or suggesting a neighborhood walk with Grandma Josie can help keep you occupied. Even watching a movie where food isn't right in front of you is a good option. If there is food, opt to chew gum or eat raw veggies instead.

4. Eat slow and eat until you are not hungry: We know you are hungry, but there's no need to be a ravenous wolf! You're here to stay awhile so take your time. Nibble, listen, talk, nibble. No need to scarf down , get up, and scarf down again. Also, only eat until you are not hungry. Eating until you are full will give you that unpleasant feeling.

5. Fill your plate: This sounds counterintuitive but hear us out. People who only take tiny portions of food (enough for maybe one bird to eat) tend to make many rounds and think that they are only eating a little. Instead they wind up eating more than they would if they just took a single full plate in the first place because they do not realize how much they are eating. Take one full plate and try to stick to just that. Remember the first tip is look through everything first and get what you want. That way you avoid overeating because you know how much you are eating.