Jeff Vorva's imPRESSions:Is sitting around for three weeks the BEST way to save money

  • Written by Jeff Vorva


Jeffs Col Impressions

First off, I like having a big-screen TV set.

I don’t use it as much as the kids do. But when I watch TV, I have a fondness for High Definition that when there is a non-HD channel on, I grumble.

If I go to a friend or relative’s house and there is a smallish TV without HD, it’s a severe disappointment. I feel sorry for those people.

How did we live without HD and seeing every blemish and freckle on an actor or actresses face?

That said, I would not go to the great lengths that Vicky Torres and Juanita Salas have been going through just to get a big-screen, HD-TV for $199. They would be saving about $300 which is not a small amount of scratch.

These two are in the middle of a 22-day stretch in which they are waiting outside of a Best Buy in Beaumont, Cal., to be the first in line for the store’s Black Friday sale, which will happen late Thursday afternoon.  It’s a story that has the smell of publicity stunt written all over it.

But they claim they are doing it to save money.

I don’t know these women and I will resist the easy scoffing and insults that I am tempted to make. But I will offer a solution that beats the heck out of sitting out in front of a store for three weeks.

First off, if they are working, they are losing three weeks of pay, which makes no sense.

Second, if they are not working, they are spending 528 hours or so, sitting on chairs, when they could be working.

California minimum wage is 9 smacks per hour. If they thought ahead, they could have worked somewhere for just 20 hours a week for five weeks, which would have given them $900 to play with. Take away some of that for taxes and stuff, but add the $199 seed money they already had to buy the marked-down TV and they are still in the $900 range to buy an upgraded set with more pixels and bells.

Then they could have spent the rest of their weeks with their families, helping the poor, sleeping in their own beds and a variety of other things that…well…make sense.

Good luck ladies. I hope you enjoy your $199 TV set later this month. You earned it…I guess.

SUBHEAD – The Bears aren’t this bad

When the Bears gave up back-to-back 50-point games to New England and Green Bay, they were linked in history with the Rochester Jeffersons. That team was the only other in NFL history to accomplish that and the Jeffs (what a cool name) did that in 1923.

But that shouldn’t count. That was an era that was a lot different than what we have now. The Jeff played a four-game season that was so bad, it makes this year’s Bears campaign look like one in which Marc Trestman would deserve a 10-year contract extension.

The Jeffs opened the ’23 campaign on Oct. 7 at Normal Park in Chicago, where they suffered a 60-0 defeat at the hands of the mighty Chicago Cardinals. Then the following week, they travelled to the Quad Cities, where the Rock Island Independents buried the Mutts, er, Jeffs, 56-0.

The Jeffs then had five or so bye weeks as their next game came Nov. 24 when they lost to the Toledo Maroons at home, 12-6. They closed the season on Dec. 1 with a 13-0 loss to the Buffalo All-Americans.

So the Bears are having a much better season than that.

I’m glad you feel better, Bears fans.