Jeff Vorva's imPRESSions: Hours of work result in seconds of film time

  • Written by Jeff Vorva


PAGE-3-4-col-band-wit-jv-colShepard’s band spent hours preparing for a promotional Chicago Fire video and while the video is excellent, the Astros received scant time in the finished product. Photo by Jeff Vorva.Wait a second!Jeffs Col Impressions
And I literally mean a second. Or two.
Is that it?
Is that all there is?
After all that?
Wow, what a waste of time.
The Chicago Fire last week released a promotional video and it’s great.
It’s about three minutes of a parody of “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’’ called “Mike Magee’s Day Off” in which Fire star Mike Magee takes a day off from practice.
Magee makes a living scoring goals and this shows that when he is through, he could go into acting. He has some comedic acting chops as proven in this video.
The important message to the video is that life goes by too fast and if you don’t stop to catch a Fire game once in a while – you might miss it.
The video is almost perfect.
On Good Friday, April 18, they shot a scene in the Toyota Park parking lot. It was mimicking the parade scene from the Bueller film.
The Shepard band had the honor of participating. We ran a handful of photos from that day in the April 24 edition of the Reporter.
If you get a chance, go back and look at those photos again. You will see more of the Shepard band in them than you will in the video.
For about two seconds, all you see of the Shepard band is some of the drummers hidden behind their drums and a very long view of the float where were you can see a few horn players.
That’s it.
Band members got up early in the morning and travelled from the Palos Heights school to Bridgeview and spent a few hours warming up and getting ready. I stuck around for a couple of hours in the late morning watching them shoot scenes over and over.
It was a long and, at times, boring process even though just about every scene had people screaming and, cheering and singing during each take.
I had enough pictures and left. I was told that it went on for a few more hours.
After all that work and energy spent, all the Astros got out of it was a couple of seconds on the screen. Even in this modern day of technology, where you can freeze a scene on your phone, there is not much to see here.
While I’m disappointed for the band members, I’m not ripping the production staff because this kind of stuff goes on all the time – and it’s even more multiplied with a big Hollywood production. A lot of time and energy is completely wasted when scenes make it to the cutting-room floor and are never aired.
It’s just a fact of life in the business and maybe it’s lucky the band even picked up the precious two seconds it received.
Magee’s message is true that life goes by too fast…
…but not as fast as the Shepard band’s cameo in “Mike Magee’s Day Off.”

Not rooting for this beer
During a trip to Milwaukee last week, my son, T.J., and I stopped at a brand new A&W restaurant because he had a hankering for some of the famous root beer on tap that the restaurant is known for. It’s smooth and tasty.
We received our cold, frosty glasses and moved to where we thought the tap should be and…
…there was no tap.
The regular A&W root beer was mixed in with all the other fizzy pop at the machine. It used to be an island unto itself. Special. Now it is mixed in with the other mopes.
While the root beer itself wasn’t fizzy, it was relatively smooth but not smooth enough. It didn’t have the same taste.
I don’t know if all of the restaurants are tapping out on the tap, but if they do, methinks they are making a big mistake.