Jeff Vorva's ImPRESSions: Moving on up – area property transfers are back


Jeffs Col ImpressionsThey are back.
They are not flashy.
They are not what you would call eye candy.
On the printed page, they are just there – a bit dull, to tell you the truth. They are words and numbers.
But it appears that our readers love them.
And they are back.
The popular property transfers page-3-2-col-right-right-jv-colMichael Weeks of Mokena presents Orland Park’s Kristen Sandberg, a child life specialist for the hematology and oncology clinic at Advocate Children’s Hospital in Oak Lawn with some bowling pins, top photo, as a part of a toy fundraiser. Weeks and his family brought in about $3,000 worth of toys to the hospital, bottom photo. Photos by Jeff Vorva.PAGE-3-2-col-left-with-JVCOLwill return to the pages of the Reporter for the first time since…well folks around the office aren’t quite sure. But rest assured, it’s been awhile. And we heard about it from people.
I would love to slam my meaty fist on the desk and tell you that because you wanted them back, by God we are giving them back to you! Nothing was going to stop us!
But that wasn’t really the case.
The transfers returned to the Regional News last week and the Reporter will start running them this week and it’s been a taffy pull to get them back.
Ever since I’ve been working as a reporter for the Regional in September, 2012 and editor at the Reporter since last August, I’ve heard about the importance of getting these bad boys back in print for the two papers.
We won’t go into all the how-the-sausage-is-made gory details on how we got them back from the Cook County offices, but the tag-team efforts of Regional Editor Jack Murray and reporter Tim Hadac paid off big dividends while I sat back and watched like a dummy without understanding why all of this is a big deal. To me, the most interesting transfers are which athlete is leaving what high school and college.
But it is a big deal.
People like to see what the property in their neighborhood is selling for. They like to see what property in the rest of the community is selling for. And they may want to take a peek at the going rates for other communities as well in case they have an itch to move.
Our goal at the Reporter is to try to keep it anchored on page 11 and jazz it up a little with a graphic so you can easily find it.
It took some work to get it back and we hope you enjoy it.

Not playing around
Mike Weeks of Mokena brought some toys to the hospital last Thursday, but he wasn’t playing around.
Weeks and his family brought in a couple of carloads of toys to Advocate Children’s Hospital to help stock up a toy closet at the Oak Lawn hospital that overnight patients can go to make their stay a little more bearable.
It’s the fourth year the Weeks family brought toys to the hospital. The toys – about $3,000 worth — came from friends and neighbors via a late June block party fundraiser called Michael Weeks’ Stock the Closet fundraiser.
Weeks had leukemia and spent more than his fair share of nights at the Oak Lawn facility and in spring of 2011 he had his final treatment there and noticed the closet was getting bare. So the family came up with the idea of providing toys for the closet. Weeks is in sixth grade now and said he said he likes the fact so many friends contribute.
“It helps make kids with cancer feel better,” he said. “When I was here, I remember playing with a basketball hoop. It was fun.”