Jeff Vorva's Im-PRESS-ions: Are you (POW) ready (KICK) for some (OUCH) football?



Jeffs Col ImpressionsFor some, it’s never too early to get geeked up for football.
In this area, high school football enjoyed a special season last year, which included Richards taking second in the state in Class 6A.
So even though the 7-on-7 summer leagues have not even peaked yet, it’s still fun to think about the start of the 2014 season, which begins Aug. 29.
Some of the schedules have leaked out and it looks like Richards’ first non-conference opponent that night in Oak Lawn will be interesting. The Bulldogs face Indianapolis Arsenal Tech.
The name alone is fun. The intrigue of whether this team is any good or not is also interesting to ponder because we have no idea of the competition that team plays. Richards could win 55-0, could play in in a nailbiter or get waxed. You never know.
What we do know is this…Arsenal Tech PAGE-3-richards-with-JV-COLSenior-to-be Ryan Willett of Richards is shown running in the state championship game last season. In the first week of 2014, Richards will host a team out of Indianapolis that was involved in a rare double forfeit. Photo by Jeff Vorva.and its fans seem to be an edgy bunch.
Last September, Tech and Fort Wayne South Side High School played to a rare double forfeit.
The Fort Wayne News Sentinel reported that a South Side player laid a late hit on a Tech player in the third quarter and a melee ensued.
Both benches emptied. Fans came out of the stands to join in on the action and just when cooler heads started to prevail…well…a couple of assistant coaches started to fight and the riot was back on in full swing.
The Indiana High School Athletic Association levied a bunch of suspensions and coaches and players all had to attend sportsmanship classes before they would be allowed to compete in postseason play.
The two assistant coaches who duked it out when things were dying down were suspended for the rest of the season.
Come Aug. 29, I really don’t expect Gary Korhonen Field to turn into a war zone. I’m guessing players, coaches and fans from the Indianapolis school have learned some lessons.
But to quote the old sarge on “Hill Street Blues”, let’s be careful out there.

Some NU websites
While researching information on Bob Bielarz, a victim of a boating accident on the Cal-Sag Channel, my eyes have been opened to some new websites.
Bielarz played guitar for No One, a NU Metal group from Chicago.
So while looking up information on the man known in the business as B-Larz, I was able to find a website called, which is a funny name for a site that specializes in metal music.
Then there was a guy with his own blog named Chris Harris who calls himself the Gunshy Assassin. His motto is “More metal than your mama’s kettle” which made me laugh out loud.