Jeff Vorva's imPRESSions: Crunchy cheese, a mystery car and a race against time

Jeffs Col ImpressionsHere is a cheesy story.
  Even though our correspondent, Claudia Parker, had some very interesting things happen to her since I’ve known her in the past 10 months or so, this Evergreen Park Christian, wife, mother, author and speaker (that’s how she signs her e-mails) had a pretty bizarre series of events happen to her last week.
  It all started when her 6-year-old daughter took a bite out of a slice of cheese and it crunched. Cheese isn’t supposed to be crunchy.
  At first, she feared the worst.
  “I swear when you look at it up close it looks like tiny pieces of glass,” she said. “It’s in the entire pack of cheese. What the heck....I’ve been feeding this to my kids!”
  After a few days of investigation, including having the cheese examined by Little Company of Mary Hospital and the Illinois Health Department, it was determined that it could be something as harmful as glass or hard plastic or it could be just crystallized salt.Page-3-3-col-car-with-jvcolA man from Florida is still looking for the make and model of this car, which spent some time in Oak Lawn in the 1960s. Submitted photo.
  “That sure beats glass,” she said.
  Parker said she has drawn some television interest in the story, pending the investigation. She said the cheese was voluntarily pulled from the store she bought it from.
  This latest incident comes on the heels of Parker dropping her cell phone in the toilet but that’s another story. That story, by the way, can be found in the debut of her column on page 12. Her columns will run every second and fourth weeks of the month.

He’s not giving up
  Phillip Topcik’s quest for a an answer to a near 50-year question of identifying the make and model of his car hit another dead end when no one from our area responded to a column I did in the May 22 editions of the Reporter and Regional.
  It is a rare car that was made in Germany for a movie star and it once belonged to John and Anne Greeneltch of Oak Lawn and sold to a Volkswagen dealership in Evergreen Park.
  Topcik, who lives in St. Augustine, Fla., bought the car in 1967 and has explored many different avenues trying to locate that information including contacting national and international car magazines and even reached out to Jay Leno. He was hoping we could help and that someone from the area might have remembered talking to John about the car and might remember him mentioning the make and model.
  When the story appeared in our papers, he was on a cruise in Alaska and did not have Internet access. But when he got off the ship he went to a library, logged into a computer and…
  “I double checked my e-mail six times,” he said. “Not a one. Maybe the people we’re looking for are all in the old-folks home somewhere.’’
  Topcik is offering $100 and a six pack of beer to anyone who can help him, and you can contact him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We are running the photo of the car one more time.
  He is not giving up. He said a newspaper in Florida will try to help out and get him in contact with more magazines and he may seek advice at an East Coast car show.
  “So far it’s been dead end after dead end after dead end,” he said. “I know someone out there has to know what kind of car this is.’’

Finish line coming up soon
  None of us need to be reminded of how old we are getting and how time is flying by.
  But I picked up a double whammy on Saturday.
  First, I went to my nephew’s graduation party and the fact that he is graduating high school already put me in a where-did-the-time-go frame of mind.
  Then there was that stupid horse race.
  The whole weekend, the focus was on California Chrome, who was trying to become the first hoss to win the Triple Crown since Affirmed in 1978.
  Oh, 1978 was the year I graduated high school, to Saturday pretty much affirmed my position in this race.