WHATIZIT? for 3-20-14

  • Written by Jeff Vorva


Very good, boys and girls.2dr-PAGE-11-WHAZZSome of the people here at the Reporter/Regional have an opportunity to guess the photos of WHATIZIT? before it hits the streets and none of our sharpies were able to get that this “something that needs to be cleared” was a hurdle. Here, we had people guessing tables and desks. No one guessed a hurdle and this particular one was found at an indoor track meet.
But 100 percent of the WHATIZIT? players got it right.
Chicago Ridge’s Dana Oswald was the first out of the blocks to get it right.
Others who crossed the finish line without tripping were Palos Heights’ Crystine Busch, Oak Lawn’s Justin Antos and Jane Foley, Hickory Hills’ Jack and Griffin Burke Faddis, Worth’s Darrel Hardin, Jerry and Carol Janicki, Theresa and George Rebersky and Russ Martin, Willow Springs’ Harrison Debre and Evergreen Park’s Henrietta Mysliwiec and Vince Vizza.
There were no incorrect guesses (except for those within the walls of our building).
This week, we know it’s a brush, but what kind of brush? The clue is that guys named Buddy or Keith or Neil may have used this kind. Extra credit will go to those who can tell me who Buddy, Keith and Neil’s last names.
Send those guesses to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Don’t forget to put WHATIZIT? in the subject line and give us your name and hometown by Monday night.