Retro Reporter 2-13-14

  • Written by Compiled by Jeff Vorva

Retro Reporter Art

Wait…how did this guy break his foot?
50 years ago
From the Feb. 13, 1964 issue
  The story: A pledge drive was underway for the proposed St. Louis De Montifort church and school building fund. Rev. James C. Quinn said results would determine the construction dates.
  The quote: “Heaters too close to things that burn, are always cause for much concern,” – a rhyme sent to the Reporter from Palos Heights Fire Chief Ed Kamper.
  Fun fact: Catherine Barz wrote in her About Oak Lawn column “Pete Smith…is hobbling around on crutches as the result of a basketball accident. According to his wife, Millie, he got hit in the head with the ball and broke his foot. Huh?”

Streit endorsed by Illinois’ big boss
25 years ago
From the Feb. 16, 1989 edition
  The story: Governor Jim Thompson endorsed Bob Streit for Worth Township supervisor and his slate of candidates. “I think Bob Streit is a fine committeeman and will make an excellent supervisor of Worth Township. He has my support and I am going to do all I can to help him and the other fine Republicans on his ticket win in April.”
  The quote: “They’re starting to express a little bit of outrage … at having a scavenger or junker come by and pick up their recyclable materials.” – Oak Lawn Trustee Roland Stancik on citizen’s reaction of people scavenging their garbage.
  Fun fact: Conrady Junior High put on its first Operation Snowflake program to show a positive spirit and to take a “just say no” attitude when it comes to drinking and taking drugs.

Liquor store murderer sentenced to death
10 years ago
From the Feb. 12, 2004 edition
  The story: Ricardo Harris was given a death sentence for the 1999 murders of two people at the former Extra Value Liquors in Oak Lawn. Police say he came to Oak Lawn after fleeing police in Michigan a few prior to the murders.
  The quote: “It feels like getting hit with a hammer really fast all over your body,’’ – Oak Lawn detective Jack McCarthy describing the new X26 taser guns.
  Fun fact: Chicago Ridge’s Greg Short, a sixth grader at our Lady of the Ridge, built a scale model of an ancient Greek battleship as a class project and the Reporter did a feature on it.