Worth man spitting mad after pop can, road rage incident

  • Written by Bob Rakow

  A Worth man was charged with disorderly conduct last Friday after a road rage incident on Harlem Avenue, police said.

  Sean R. Hermansen, 24, admitted to police that he swerved at a car while driving on northbound Harlem Avenue after the passenger of the car threw a pop can at his pickup truck, police said.

  The passenger told police he threw the pop can at Hermansen’s truck at 111th Street and Harlem Avenue to prevent Hermansen from striking the car. The truck began to swerve between lanes at 113th Street, nearly striking several other cars, witnesses said.
  The passenger of the other car said Hermansen tailgated the car in which he was riding and stopped inches behind it at 115th Street and Harlem Avenue. At 111th Street, Hermansen stopped “inches from the passenger door” of the car, police said. Hermansen rolled his window down and the passenger did the same, according to reports.
  At a stop light, Hermansen asked the passenger “what his problem was” according to reports. The passenger asked Hermansen why he swerved outside his lane. Hermansen responded, “I’ll drive how I want to drive,” reports said. He then spit in the face of the passenger, according to reports.
  When the light turned green, the driver lost sight of Hermansen’s truck.
  Police later picked up Hermansen outside his house in the 7200 block of 113th Place, where he was waiting outside. He admitted to driving the pickup truck but said the Honda cut him off at 113th Street.
  He said the passenger threw a can of pop at his truck, causing him to swerve at the car, police said. He added that both he and the passenger of the other car argued, leading him to spit at the car. But he said the window of the car was up when he spit at it. He said he returned home after the incident, police said.