Reckless parents targeted with new signs in Chicago Ridge

  • Written by Kelly White

  Reckless parents, beware.
  Residential Permit Parking Only signs popped up last month along the stretch from 108th and Lyman Ave. to 108th and McVicker Ave. in Chicago Ridge due to complaints received from residents and the Chicago Ridge Police Department.
  Last winter, Police Chief Rob Pyznarski said he had more officers are patrolling the area during pick-up and drop-off hours than in the previous school season. It was at that time when Terri Bollinger, principal at Ridge Elementary School, 10800 Lyman Ave., said she was also concerned about the reckless driving of parents during pickup and drop-off hours of Ridge Central and Finley Junior High School students.
  Since then, the department has reported people have continued block crosswalks and driveways with their vehicles while waiting for their children, and that some parents even pull into residential driveways, resulting in the decision by the Chicago Ridge Village Board to place three Residential Permit Parking Only signs along the 108th street stretch. The signs display the following message: Residential Permit Parking Only 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Vehicles will be ticketed and towed away at the owner’s expense.
  Residents living within the homes along 108th St. have obtained permits for each car registered to Chicago Ridge within their household and must have the sticker displayed on their car window on the right-hand side under their Chicago Ridge city sticker in order to park on the street. Police officers have been patrolling the area during pickup and drop-off hours and tickets have been issued to parents choosing to ignore the signs.