Runaway road grader heads toward Palos Hills home

Retro Reporter ArtRunaway road grader heads toward Palos Hills home

50 years ago
From the Oct. 17, 1963 edition
  The story: A fire destroyed a home in Palos Hills but a widow and eight children living in the house were unharmed.
  The quote: “We didn’t even invite it — at least it could have called,” Frank Eckert of Palos Hills who was eating dinner when an unmanned road grader was heading toward his picture window but was then stalled on the front steps. Speculation is that kids accidentally activated the machine.
  Fun fact: The Bill Heller Band provided entertainment for Oak Lawn High School’s 11th homecoming dance.

25 years ago
From the Oct. 20, 1988 edition
  The story: The Oak Lawn Hilton hosted a political showdown between U.S. Congressman Marty Russo and challenger Joseph McCarthy in front of a crowd of 400-plus. Russo accused McCarthy of misused funds that were supposed to go to the poor and instead went to an office party.
  The quote: “People will give you the finger but you can’t get mad. I can’t give anyone the finger back because a little kid might see you. Then he’ll do it to his mother and she’ll say ‘Where did you learn that?’ ‘From the clown,’ ’’ — Worth’s Dale Van Witzenberg a.k.a. DaeDae the Clown on having to show restraint to hecklers and critics.
  Fun fact: Richards’ football team piled up 528 yards in a 34-0 win over Oak Lawn. The Bulldogs had 357 yards of rushing with Rich Albon leading the balanced attack with 92 yards.

10 years ago
From the Oct. 16, 2003 edition
  The story: Oak Lawn Trustee Ron Stancik was named interim mayor nearly three months after the death of Ernie Kolb. More than 60 people in attendance at the village board meeting gave Stancik a standing ovation after the announcement. Kolb served as mayor for 26 years.
  The quote: “It was a good win for the program. We just wanted to show everybody that we could be as competitive as everybody else in the [Catholic League] Blue Conference.’’ — Brother Rice football coach Steve Nye after his team pulled off a rare 13-3 win over Mt. Carmel.
  Fun fact: Richards High School’s fall play was “The Hobbit,” the prequel to “Lord of the Rings.”