Jeff Vorva's Editor's Notebook: Retro Reporter will look at the weird and the wonderful from back in the day

  • Written by Jeff Vorva


COLOR--1-colJeffV  A clown talks about why it’s not a good idea to give the finger to someone while in costume.
  Local kids try to sneak into an adult movie.
  A mayor mulls leaving office after his neighbor accuses him of adultery.
  What is this? The National Enquirer?
  Nope, just the good ol’ Reporter newspaper from bygone eras.
  Who says history has to be dull? In this case, it won’t be.
  After a month of absence, the archives return to our little paper. Only they won’t be known as the archives. That’s such a snoozer of a word.
  We’re dusting off the archives and polishing them up and hopefully making them shiny and bright — and fun.
  The new feature is called Retro Reporter and it debuts today on page 4. We hope to keep it on page 4 but if there are too many ads or photos on that page, we may move it from time to time.
  With designer extraordinaire Kari Nelson’s magic touch and my warped sense of news judgment, we hope to put together a package that is fun to look at and read.
  We will still break it up into three eras — 50 years ago, 25 years ago and 10 years ago. That won’t change.
  But within those eras, we will have three components. RETRO-reporter-1-col-blood-feastThis movie caused a stir in Chicago Ridge 50 years ago and will be a topic in the new Retro Reporter feature found on page 4.One will be one of the top stories of that timeframe. Another will be a quote either from that story or another story. The third will be a fun fact such as the price of beer 50 years ago or a celebrity coming to the area.
  I’ve seen archive sections of other papers and sometimes they have stories about annexations and TIFs and who won first place in the petunia division of a garden club. We won’t have much of that here.
  This will feature items such as the aforementioned clown’s philosophy about his middle digit, the kids who tried to get into the adult movie (a movie called “Blood Feast” which, to this day I can’t figure out how it didn’t win an Academy Award) and the mayor and his problems with the neighbor in the coming weeks and months.
  We may re-open a few wounds — especially with some of the items from a decade and quarter century ago. That’s not the intent. The intent is to show that way back when — in the so called good ol’ days — there were tragic stories, stories of triumph and funny stories just like there are today.
  So take a look at page 4 and enjoy the sometimes wonderful sometimes weird trip down memory lane with us.

Hello Dolly winners
  Let’s try this again. Last week we tried to run these names but they were accidentally omitted.
  Some new subscribers from Oak Lawn from a recent Reporter subscription drive were presented with tickets to the play “Hello Dolly.”
  The list includes Linda Steiner, Gordon Hartmann, Marianne VonAsten, John Fox, Ray Klimes, Rosemary Passananti, Louis D’Amore and Donald Perreault.