Facko back home to open dentistry

Submitted Photo. Richard Facko opened a dentistry in Palos Heights after spending time practicing in the western suburbs.Submitted Photo. Richard Facko opened a dentistry in Palos Heights after spending time practicing in the western suburbs.

Long-time Palos Heights resident, Richard N Facko opened the Palos Pediatric Dentistry, PC located at 12800 S. Ridgeland Ave., Suite H, in Palos Heights.

“Palos Heights is my home town, and I’m thrilled to be back home after practicing in the west suburbs,” said Facko. “The people of the Southwest suburbs have made me who I am today, and I’m proud to be able to give back to my own community. I think there is a lot of great opportunity for small business in Palos Heights. We have some of the best schools around, and that will always attract growing families to the area.”

By opening a new office location in Palos Heights, several jobs will be created in the area. Interested local residents are encouraged to visit for information about Facko’s practice and about possibly employment opportunities.

A new pediatric dental office will also provide specialized care for the children in Palos and the surrounding communities.

“Pediatric dentists are specially trained to work with children of all abilities,” he said. “While we tend to treat many of the children with special needs and complex medical problems, we also offer a prevention-oriented approach to oral health for healthy kids.”

Facko provides some thoughts on what sets his practice apart.

“We really focus on starting early,” he said. “Children should first see a dentist by their first birthday. This is a more recent trend, as the previous guidelines were three years old. But, we see many three-year-olds with extensive dental needs. The hope is that by starting very early we can help establish healthy habits that will get kids to three years old and well beyond without any dental problems.”

Facko grew up in Palos Heights, attended School District 128, followed by Marist High School, where he played hockey and was involved with the band. Facko went to Indiana University in Bloomington, and then attended the University of Illinois at Chicago for his dental training. Following dental school, he completed a two-year residency program at UIC, during which time he also completed a Master’s in Oral Sciences.

He worked for ten years at Richard’s Bicycles from high school through dental school. He is a husband and father of two children, Lexie (2) and Rich (1), and still lives in Palos Heights.

To make an appointment, parents can call 708-263-6708 or visit to fill out an appointment request.