Guest Whatizit?

One person hopped down the bunny trail.DR-WHAZ-4-24Photo by George and Theresa Rebersky.
Some went another route and met a dead end.
Those who guessed last week’s end of Easter photo of an Easter bunny’s cotton tail were few and far between. When we said the end of Easter, we meant the hind end.
Worth’s Laura Kozicki was first with the right answer. She was also the only one with the right answer.
Incorrect guesses were the end of a spiral ham, a seashell, a nylon scrubby on a kitchen towel, a ladies’ straw sun/beach hat, an Easter hat, a dish scrubber, an Easter bonnet and an empty Easter basket.
This week we have a guest photo sent from the camera of Worth’s George and Theresa Rebersky from a recent vacation. Friends and family of the Reberskys are disqualified from this week’s competition although we don’t know how on earth we will enforce that. You are all on the honor system. (Uh, oh)
The clue is that it sounds like longtime WHATIZIT? contestant Gene Sikora should definitely play this week.
Send those guesses to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with WHATIZIT? in the subject line by Monday night. Don’t forget your name and hometown.