WHATIZIT? 4-17-14

Happy Easter to all the friends and family of WHATIZIT.DR-WHATIZ-4-17Photo by Jeff Vorva.
Last week’s photo was of a carrot-shaped package of Reese’s Pieces, a gift that some lucky kids and adults will be receiving on Easter morning.
We had some folks get it right – including the correct name of the candy. Those people get their names in all capital letters, which is the greatest Easter gift of all. Others who came close and missed the Reese’s part get regular credit, which is still pretty special.
Worth’s CATHY CORDOVA was the first to ring in with the correct answer
Evergreen Park’s VINCE VIZZA, HENRIETTA MYSLIWIEC, Willow Springs’ HARRISON DEBRE, Worth’s NATHAN MARSZALEK and ROBERT SOLNER and Chicago Ridge’s BELLA ZAHER and DANA OSWALD got all of it right.
Worth’s Linda and Russ Martin and Oak Lawn’s Jane Foley, Evergreen Park’s Jan Merchantz and Jim Cap from parts unknown were also correct except for the Reese’s part.
Incorrect guesses were of oranges, tomatoes and hot cross buns.
Someone also guessed something called EGGA. Whatiz an EGGA?
This week’s clue is that this item could be considered the end of Easter.
Send guesses to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with WHATIZIT? in the subject line. Provide your name and hometown and guess by Monday night and don’t eat too many Reese’s Pieces on Sunday.