Palos Hills mayor lauds Public Works for slaying the snowstorm

Despite the fact that several inches of snow piled up in Palos Hills, there was still a city council meeting last Thursday night.

And the hot topic of discussion?

The snow.

Palos Hills was one of the of the many Chicago suburbs effected by the post-holiday snow storm. The city received an estimated nine inches of snow upon the winter storm’s first passing on Thursday evening, resulting in plenty of work for the Palos Hills Public Works Department but several hours of fun in the snow during the prolonged snow days for residents, children and pets.

Palos Hills Public Works crews responded to the first major snow storm of 2014 by providing continuous snow removal, beginning on Dec. 31 at 6 p.m. through Jan. 2.

“With the huge snowstorm we just had, our guys were right on top of it, throughout the New Year’s Eve holiday and all through today,” Mayor Jerry Bennett said at the meeting.

On behalf of the Public Works Department, Alderman Frank Williams (5th Ward) said public works crews did a fine job maintaining the city streets, allowing for passable roadway conditions while driving. Plowing and salting also took place throughout the duration of the storm, as needed, to maintain to maintain city streets and lots, keeping them in a safe condition, not only for Palos Hills residents, but for all roadway commuters traveling through the city.

“I would like to commend the public works department and Commissioner Dave Weakley,” Williams added, “They really did a good job out there with the continuous snow removal during the duration of the storm.”

Weakley said his crews worked well into the evening and night hours on Thursday to prevent snow accumulation on the roads in the morning.

“With the colder temperatures coming, it’s important I keep my crews out there keeping the snow off the streets now so it doesn’t freeze overnight, resulting in problems for morning drivers,” he said, adding that preventative care and caution will result in cleaner and safer streets for all commuters.

Keeping the snow off of the main roads prevents it from freezing or turning into a layer of black ice, either under a clean layer of snow or blending in with the roadway, resulting in very dangerous driving conditions.

Palos Hills’ snow trucks, salting and plows continued working into Friday morning, keeping city streets travelable.

Weakley added the public works crews and all equipment used during the snow removal process performed well, and without any concern; and the entire public works crew did a great job keeping the snow storm under control and the roads drivable.

“Our public works department here in Palos Hills is always on top of any type of weather or emergency situation, handling it immediately and effectively,” Bennett said, “And, unfortunately, this continuous snow is the worst type of snow.”