Vaccine may have adverse effect on young girls

  • Written by Dee Woods


In my last column, I related the early Canadian warning to readers regarding the mixture of Plavix (anti-coagulant) and Prandin (for type 2 diabetes). I wrote of how the combination could create low blood sugar and in some cases, even death. I also related that the Canadian Health Services have warned their physicians, while American doctors continue to mix the drugs.

At any rate, no sooner had I finished that article, when I came upon another warning about a common vaccine. I wrote about the problems with the vaccine over six years ago; warning parents of young girls to investigate and read up on Gardasil and to be informed and wary of the human papillomavirus drug (HPV). I wrote of the many problems, including deaths and complaints regarding the drug.       

Well, it turns out that six years later, the American College of Pediatricians is warning of even newer possible adverse events from Gardasil. It seems another possible adverse event occurring in some young women is a condition known as POF (premature ovarian failure). That means it is suspected that some young girls having had the vaccine are prematurely going through the change of life!

How awful if they ever planned on motherhood. The authors were very careful in their assessment and explained that this condition was occurring in some young girls who had the vaccine. The POF occurred from two weeks after the vaccine to a year out. They are also concerned that the POF may occur even later than one year and doctors may not associate it to the vaccine.

Dr. Scott S. Field was the major author of the warning. One of the statements made in the article after explaining the information regarding the cases of POF after the Gardasil vaccination was: “Nevertheless there are legitimate concerns that should be addressed: (1) long-term ovarian function was not assessed in either the original rat safety studies 3,4 or in the human vaccine trials; (2) most primary care physicians are probably unaware of a possible association between HPV4 and POF and may not consider reporting POF cases or prolonged amenorrhea (missing menstrual periods) to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS); (3) potential mechanisms of action have been postulated based on autoimmune associations with the aluminum adjuvant used 1 and previously documented ovarian toxicity in rats from another component, polysorbate 80,2 ; and (4) since licensure of Gardasil in 2006, there have been about 213 VAERS reports (per the publicly available CDC WONDER VAERS database) involving amenorrhea, POF or premature menopause, 88 percent of which have been associated with Gardasil. 5 The two-strain HPV2, CervarixTM, was licensed late in 2009 and accounts for 4.7 percent of VAERS amenorrhea reports since 2006, and 8.5 percent of those reports from February 2010 through May 2015. This compares to the pre-HPV vaccine period from 1990 to 2006 during which no cases of POF or premature menopause and 32 cases of amenorrhea were reported to VAERS.”

Two adjuvants of the vaccine are polysorbate 80 and aluminum. Could that pose a problem? Would you purposely ingest either?

Problems occurred as well in France. Michele Ravasi explained Gardisil is on the list of drugs under surveillance. They are concerned about side effects.

Then there’s one very brave director of the Utah Department of Health. On Feb. 11, the Salt Lake Tribune reported the director of the Utah Department of Health, Dr. David Blodgett, explained he did not like the fact that Gardasil was fast-tracked through the Food and Drug Administration and believes its benefits were oversold by Merck. He also complained the price was exceptionally high for the vaccine and suggested, “The science wasn’t good…We had physicians in our community arguing that we not make it available.”

Just remember the FDA and the drug industry has revolving doors whereby both tend to hire one another’s representatives.

Think about the problems with the rotavirus vaccine that was contaminated with a pig virus. All government agencies assured us not to worry. I mean…what’s a little pig virus to your children? Then there was Rezulin for diabetes. It was going to eliminate diabetes, but instead, it eliminated a few livers and had to be taken off the market. Oh, and let’s not forget the polio vaccine that was contaminated with SV40, the Simian virus that can cause cancer.

They are saying the evidence has not proven to be strong (but they think it’s quite a coincidence). However, more studies should be conducted. You have to decide for yourself and your children.

I would just suggest that each person getting the vaccine read the report from the College of Pediatricians first. It might open a few eyes to the risk versus benefit aspect of the vaccine.

Don’t get me wrong, we need some vaccines and we need some medications, but America is overdosed and the relationship between the makers of drugs and the FDA, can at times, cause us to wonder. Always remember…follow the money….

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