'Boom, boom, boom...go, go, go'

'Boom, boom, boom...go, go, go'

    Photo by Jeff Vorva More than a thousand runners started last year's race.   As the 2015 First Midwest Bank Half Marathon heads to the starting line Sunday for the eighth time, the long months of planning will result in a frantic morning. “When we get to race day, it’s boom boom boom and then go go go, and then it’s all over,” race co-founder Jeff Prestinario said. “That’s how quickly it goes, so... Read more


On the road to recovery

On the road to recovery

    On the road to recovery Spartans are prosperous in busy week   By Ken Karrson Sports Editor Seven games into the 2015 season, some might have thought Oak Lawn was on the road to ruin. That road has since become one of recovery. What was overlooked by doubters was the fact that a string of early losses had been administered by some of the Chicagoland finest baseball programs. The Spartans weren’t winning, but the same could be said for many opponents of... Read more

Out and About

Old Brosnan doesn’t bond well with audience in ‘November Man…

By Tony Pinto Pierce Brosnan is back in action as a wannabe James Bond. The man who actually played James Bond in “Goldeneye” nearly 20 years ago, is back trying to be an action star in the movie “The November Man.”      At 61, he’s still got something, but that might just be his appetite for on screen drinking.  Brosnan plays ex-CIA agent Peter Devereaux, who, like Bond, is fond of the liquor.... Read more


At least one Blago didn’t show arroganc…


At least one Blago didn’t show  arrogance, cockiness and stupidity

Robert Blagojevich is the brother of Rod Blagojevich, the former Illinois Governor whose loud-mouth and arrogant style pretty much guaranteed his conviction and one of the most outrageously long and unjustified prison sentences ever handed down in an Illinois political case.But the real tragedy is how the U.S. Government, backed by the bullying of a cabal of politicians and news media who hated the governor, persecuted his brother Robert hoping... Read more