Lewd talk heard in the library

  • Written by Bob Rakow

  A Burbank man was charged with disorderly conduct Aug. 6 after allegedly making inappropriate comments to two women at the Oak Lawn Public Library, police said.
  Miguel A. Chacon, 46, reportedly told one of the women that “he’s [aroused] and wants to rub against me,” according to reports.
  The incident occurred at 5:16 p.m. at the library, 9427 S. Raymond Ave. Chacon was spotted by police near 95th Street and 52nd Avenue. He was highly intoxicated and admitted to causing the disturbance, police said.
  Library security told police that the two women he allegedly bothered, both in early 20s, left without giving names or phone numbers and said they did not want to talk to police.
  A library employee told police she heard one of the women say, “Oh no. Oh my God. He is saying things that are inappropriate.” The woman was shaking and raised her hands in disbelief, the employee said.
  The other woman did not seem upset, the employee said.
  The library employee asked if the woman if she wanted to call the police, but she responded, “No, I don’t have time.”
  Police told Chacon he no longer is welcome in the library and would be arrested for trespassing if seen there. Police drove him to motel in Bridgeview where he had a room for the next three nights.