OL man charged with making threats

  • Written by Bob Rakow

  An Oak Lawn man was charged with disorderly conduct Oct. 18 after telling a woman that her brother had one week to live, police said.
  Pawel Pitton, 19, was arrested at his home shortly after he appeared in the driveway of a house in the 9300 block of Austin Avenue with a baseball bat and his face covered and asked the woman where her brother could be found, according to reports.
  The woman told Pitton her brother was not home. Pitton responded, “he has a week to live” before driving away on northbound Austin Avenue in a white car.
  The woman tried to call her brother before calling police. Her brother told police he’s had trouble with Pitton in the past. Police went to Pitton’s Oak Lawn home and spotted a white Toyota Corolla in the driveway. He was wearing the clothing described by the victim’s sister, according to reports.
  Pitton told police, “I’m sorry I went there. Am I in trouble?” He denied having a bat or anything covering his face. He was positively identified by the woman he encountered in the driveway.