Concerned citizen? Police not buying it

  • Written by Bob Rakow

  A Worth man charged with drunken driving after striking an SUV told police his eyes were watery and glassy out of concern for the passengers of the vehicle he hit, police said.
  John J. Gubbins, 37, was charged with drunken driving, failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident and having no insurance following the accident, which occurred at 6 p.m. near 111th Street and Oak Park Avenue, according to reports.
  The driver of the SUV told police he stopped at a red light at 111th Street and Oak Park Avenue. When the light turned green, he proceeded but had to slow down because the car in front of him made a right turn. When he stopped, he was hit from behind by the Chevrolet pickup truck driven by Gubbins.
  Gubbins told police he had just left a liquor store and was driving east on 111th Street. When the light turned green, he proceeded but the SUV in front of him stopped and he rear ended the vehicle. He said was returning from work and was headed to his parents’ house.

  Police said he had an odor of alcohol on his breath and glassy, watery eyes. He denied that he was drinking but later admitted that he drank two beers. He failed or refused to perform field sobriety tests, police said.
  He gave police an expired insurance card, but told officers, “I have insurance. I’ll pay for the damage. Can we get this done?” according to reports.